5 Things House Democrats Are Ignoring in Favor of Condemnation, Impeachment, & Contempt

5 Things House Democrats Are Ignoring in Favor of Condemnation, Impeachment, & Contempt

5 Things House Democrats Are Ignoring in Favor of Condemnation, Impeachment, & Contempt

The Democrats have controlled the House for nearly six months now. Upon taking their oaths of office to uphold our constitution, some of the bills they proposed posthaste—some passing—included gun control and ditching the electoral college and, more recently, legalizing millions of illegal aliens. Plus they’ve spent much of their time, and mountains of our tax dollars, looking for something, anything, they can hang around the neck of the president in a desperate attempt to hamstring him. It’s an interesting list, because not one of these bills, were they to somehow become law, would do anything to benefit American citizens, but rather would help the Democrat party realize the one-party rule they so desperately desire.

So, following in their own footsteps, the Democrat-controlled House spent the totality of Tuesday evening, and then into Wednesday evening, doing three things: passing a resolution condemning the President’s words—words I’ve used myself countless times; I must be a racist—embarking on yet another (failed!) impeachment attempt because Donald Trump said mean things…

…and voting to hold our Attorney General and Commerce Secretary in criminal contempt of Congress over that (not at all) “controversial” legal citizen census question.

But what the issues the Democrats should be addressing, in my humble opinion, include these:

1. The number one priority is the chaos at our southern border, much of which is a consequence of the laws created by Congress itself, and the sanctuary city policies and other illegal immigration magnets their Democrat compadres have implemented throughout America. We need a border barrier. We need loopholes filled. We need the asylum process overhauled. We need merit-based immigration. And we need birthright citizenship gone. (Not to mention we need the Democrats’ domestic terrorist wing, aka Antifa, designated as such and those who engage in violence on its behalf prosecuted as terrorists). But will the House pass anything that remotely resembles fixes for the mess it created? Nope. Because the House Democrats, and too many Republicans, want the issue to campaign on, the effects on both the migrants and American citizens be damned.

2. Infrastructure. In case you missed it, a large swathe of Manhattan went dark last week, and the power company didn’t know why. The thing is: it’s not the first time a blackout of this magnitude has hit the country. Nor will it be the last. Our infrastructure is old, it’s tired, and it’s ripe for cyber and other attacks via hostile nations. We’re woefully unprepared for the inevitable, but (see number one), House Democrats are much more interested in, including wasting billions and billions of our tax dollars every year on, creating a permanent voting bloc that will help them usher in their permanent, one-party rule dream. It’ll be tough to vote in the dark…

3. Healthcare: As if he were practicing his stand-up comedy routine, earlier this week Joe “Big Effing Deal” Biden channeled Barack Obama, promising that if we like our healthcare, we can keep it, if we just elect him. Accordingly, the Democrats, in their quest to regain the House, promised to clean up the healthcare mess (they made). They haven’t. They won’t. And again, they want the campaign issue, and they want to use your tax dollars to provide illegal aliens free healthcare. And they want socialized healthcare for the rest of us that would hand even more power over our lives to the federal government. It’s a political football that’s passed from one team to the other since the ACA’s passing. And neither team has scored a touchdown. It’s time to put down the ball and hand the issue back to the states where it belongs. Hey. A girl can dream.

4. While it’s not necessarily a House issue, its members can nonetheless cease parroting the Iranian regime who want to see the West destroyed, their most convenient target being Israel, and stand with the president who’s trying to avoid yet another war (though this broke last evening). It’s far past time Congress lets Israel know it has their backs, and to stop what is essentially siding with the biggest state-sponsor of terror simply because Orange Man Bad.

5. And finally, in conjunction with that last point, the House needs to root anti-Semitism from its ranks, wherever it lives. While Speaker in Name Only, Nancy Pelosi, has no problem chastising our president’s words as “racist” from the House floor, she shies away from doing the same with her own caucus. It’s time she grew a pair and held accountable those who spew bigotry and racism, wherever it resides.

Which brings me to this: Abuse of its oversight power, aiding and abetting illegal aliens with final deportation orders, and the Speaker of the House brazenly breaking House rules in order to deflect criticism from herself is what America voted in last November. This is what Democrat control of the House has “achieved.”

And it comes down to this: Donald Trump has (the short list) turned our economy around in short order (via his magic wand; wink wink, Obama), refrained thus far from involving us in more overseas conflicts, furthered religious and various other freedoms, fought for the lives of the pre-born, and convinced Mexico to assist us in reducing the flow of aliens flooding over our border. The Democrats know this, and thus are doing whatever they can to deflect from the president’s long list of accomplishments, instead painting him as a virulent racist, and trying to convince us that electing one of their plethora of group-thinking Democrats will surely remedy the rampant racism they see everywhere.

Except…it’s not working, as witnessed by Pelosi—violating House rules for a second time—stomping from the House floor in a rage directed not at Trump, but at her own failure to reign in the four-headed cobra hell-bent on hijacking the Democrat Party. Of course, with the assistance of the Fake News media:

The truth (about Omar’s alleged brusband):

So while the House should be focusing on passing legislation that would benefit Americans and further freedom (not to mention reducing the mountain of debt they’ve amassed), instead it’s focused on smoke and mirrors, because handing what could be perceived as any “win” for our president trumps what’s best for our country and her citizens. Here’s hoping a growing number of voters start recognizing that truth.


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