The Restroom and Locker Room Connundrum: All-Inclusive Is Not Inclusive to All

The Restroom and Locker Room Connundrum: All-Inclusive Is Not Inclusive to All

The Restroom and Locker Room Connundrum: All-Inclusive Is Not Inclusive to All

I was in a local “family” establishment a few weeks back watching my son at his breakdancing class. My friend’s son is also in the class and I was working on a video compilation of the two of them for the finale of the season, for their 2024 high school graduations, for their future girlfriends and their weddings and of course, blackmail. Innocently, I held my phone up to take the weekly video of them battling it out with their instructor.

That was when I was tapped on the shoulder and told about the “building policy” of not taking photos or videos of the children by the building’s supervisor (who now makes it a point to hover around the studio when our son’s session starts, I guess to make sure that I don’t do anything to “endanger” the well-being of said children). This is the same “family” establishment with liberal leadership in a very liberal part of the U.S. who went ahead and voted to allow transgenders to change in the women’s locker room of their local branches because (even though their current plumbing states otherwise), they “identify” as women.

In light of Target’s recent move for “inclusivity”, artists boycotting certain states because their laws don’t align with their moral compass while they go off to cash-in on appearances in countries who openly condemn alternative lifestyles and all of the rainbow-spouting hearts-and-flowers that goes hand-in-hand with “you can be whatever you want, when you want on any given day”, I cannot believe that the safety of our children is forsaken to accommodate a smaller minority who do not feel as though they are being treated fairly. I do not understand why and how a parent of a young child will have to explain to a child who may be exposed to (a little bit more) of an individual whom they may not have come across before.

A mother taking a video of her own child is forbidden but, let me get this straight-a man who claims to be a woman one day can flash his private parts in a locker room while mothers are changing with their daughters because “the law has changed and he has a right to be there”?

We believe that everyone—every team member, every guest, and every community—deserves to be protected from discrimination, and treated equally. Consistent with this belief, Target supports the federal Equality Act, which provides protections to LGBT individuals, and opposes action that enables discrimination-Target

I can hear attacks now. “You’re afraid for your children? Well then lock the door you homophobic bigot”, they say. “Don’t use the public restroom then,” say others. Some will argue that “it’s not the same thing”. Personally, I always lock my door in a public restroom and I am not too fond of public restrooms unless I am in a dire and desperate situation (I know, TMI). And yes, it’s not the same thing. But since when did making accommodations for a small group of mostly adults so as not to offend and hurt their feelings become more important than the safety of children and their emotional and physical well-being? Or the feelings of other opposing adults who care for these children for that matter?

Try explaining to a five year-old girl who is just learning why she sits down to potty and big brother stands why she saw a person in a locker room donned in women’s athletic gear who had a penis. Try explaining gender dysphoria to that same five year-old. Try then adding onto that explanation that the “woman” with the penis may feel like a woman one day and be “Erin” and a man the next day, so tomorrow, her brother and dad may see “Eric” in the men’s locker room. Try explaining that just anything goes, anytime, anywhere. And I thought telling my 10 year-old that he can’t play a certain video game because it glorifies prostitution and strip clubs was a sticky situation. Kids are being robbed of their innocence bit by bit and at an ever-so-increasingly young age.

This is not about legitimate transgendered individuals. This is about those who will mask themselves as such in order to take advantage of a situation and violate and exploit others. We’re all adults here. If an individual is a transgender adult, then he or she (pick a pronoun, any pronoun) should also have the maturity to realize that the parts don’t yet match the identity and to use discretion. If the transgender individual is a child (or so the parents claim), then it is up to mom and dad to do some explaining to this child and to guide him or her into making sound decisions that will protect the child and others. After all, if the child is mature enough to understand that he or she is in the wrong body, then this child is also mature enough to also be taught that very same discretion.

We’re sacrificing the freedom of others to cater to the freedoms of one group. The arguments against gender-inclusive restrooms have become muddled on the left that those who oppose these new all-inclusive laws are ganging up on the transgendered community when in reality these freedoms as they present themselves now are allowing those who do not value the freedoms of others to exploit these new restroom laws. In the meantime, lock your doors and hold it in til you get home. And, moms and dads, put away those cell phones now. Stop taking videos of your kids. You are endangering your children and others with those memories and those photographs and videos. Gasp! You are endangering other children. The powers-that-be are watching you to make sure you fall in line with these ridiculous policies. Be careful or you may be removed from the premises. And don’t bother to argue the point because you will be seen as a brainwashed bigot who hates people. How’s that for “inclusivity”?

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  • Dana says:

    The left saw the shower seen from the 1997 version of Starship Troopers, and thought it was an instruction video.

    • J walter says:

      You are right. If men and females are equal and interchangeable why should men or females have the privilege of their own showers?

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  • J walter says:

    The answer is to thank feminism. They threw common sense out the window.

  • GWB says:

    We’re sacrificing the freedom of others to cater to the freedoms desire for power of one group.


    As to explaining to your children, start by explaining “pervert”. Because that is almost always the case. They are not normal. And they should be treated as if they were not normal.
    I, for one, refuse to redefine “normal” or “right” simply to make someone feel good about their perversion.

    And, personally, if I were a woman, I would carry a stun gun. You see a penis in the ladies’ room, give it a good jolt. Then ask if he still identifies as a woman with his private parts feeling like they’re on fire.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    True GWB–desire for power=spot on.

    Sadly, one should not have to define “pervert” to a 5 year-old…but this is the world we now live in. Liberals would argue that the pervert has “rights” and needs just for others to be sympathetic to their “plight”. Gag.

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