NPR Reporter: “Ramon Castro’s Kiss Was Like Holy Trinity Blessing”

NPR Reporter: “Ramon Castro’s Kiss Was Like Holy Trinity Blessing”

NPR Reporter: “Ramon Castro’s Kiss Was Like Holy Trinity Blessing”

Oh, NPR and journalistic excellence go hand-in-hand, don’t you know? A journalist is taught to be neutral, unbiased and to not take sides, right? I know you’re laughing right about now because despite many top journalists who are churned out of our elite universities, “unbiased” would not be a way to define them.

Take this lovely example of Communist adoration from Georgetown grad, award-winning journalist and NPR South America correspondent, Lourdes Garcia-Navarro who told the epic tale of meeting the late Ramon Castro at a party in Havana for American business people:

“I walk into this lush, beautiful villa, and I am introduced to Ramon Castro, and it’s kind of jarring because even though he was Fidel’s older brother, he looks a lot like him. As he’s presented to me, he leans over and gives me a kiss on one cheek and says, this is from Raul, kisses me on the other cheek and says, this is from me, and then he kisses me on the forehead and says, this is from Fidel.”

Then comes the icing on the cake. I’m going to apologize to my Roman Catholic friends right now:

“It was kind of like getting the blessing of the Holy Trinity.”

Yes, she did just call the Castro brothers “The Holy Trinity”. Kissed by God? Or by “socialist saints”? In the name of Ramon, Raul and Fidel, Amen? Here we have the American who enters (despite the embargo) a lush, beautiful villa in Cuba. How many poverty-ridden streets did she drive past to get there? Meh. That doesn’t matter. The great reward was on the other side of that, folks- a few smoochies from a cute little old man-communist-grandpa. Harmless, right? I can see Garcia-Navarro at the Castro villa now:

Garcia-Navarro may have gushed about Ramon Castro and his charms, but had nothing nice to say about George W. Bush’s departure from The White House in 2009. In an interview on NPR’s Talk of the Nation in February of ’09, Garcia-Navarro, then NPR Baghdad Bureau Chief, gave her professional “journalistic” assessment:

“His departure — many people, you know, won’t miss him, quite frankly, and many people here do believe that, and they’re hoping, that President Obama will, you know, engage in a different way with Iraqis and will treat them with more respect. As I said before, you know, Iraqis really do feel that they’ve been humiliated.

And not only that, you’ve got to remember that the cost and blood of this war, the tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands who’ve died here throughout the course of the last six years. Any Iraqi that you speak to on the street will tell you, and I ask them this question, was the war worth it for you? Did this invasion, do you feel, give you a better life? And across the board, I didn’t find one Iraqi who said to me, actually, I’m glad this happened.

Most Iraqis have paid the price of, you know, if you want to call it their freedom, in blood, the blood of their relatives. So it’s still a very painful issue for them, and they’re very much looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen next, what the United States will do here and how President Obama will work differently than his predecessor, President Bush.”

Are we surprised? Not at all. A journalist praising Barack Obama? So what else is new? A journalist who works for a broadcasting outlet publicly funded by taxpayers in this country not having a lick of respect for a presidency she openly opposes but demonstrating fondness of a man who was an active participant in aiding the Cuban revolution and one of the Communist Party of Cuba’s founding fathers? Nah. Ramon Castro was a cool guy. He leaned over and gave her a kiss. Like the blessing of The Holy Trinity. (Facepalm).

Some readers’ comments were too good not to pass up:

“Here’s one from Heinrich, and one from Joseph, and one from Adolph.”

“So like Lucifer, Satan and Beelzebub?”

Ms Lourdes Garcia-Navarro is correct that the Castro kisses are kisses of the gods…

… that is if you worship at the altar of government.. as all progressives do.

Nope. “The Holy Trinity” she said.

There’s only one Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And since the Communist Party of Cuba was founded upon atheist principles, Garcia-Navarro just illustrated that even people who come out of Georgetown can say some pretty darn ignorant things. Perhaps, en route to the lush Castro villa, Garcia-Navarro should have asked some Cuban nationals the same things she asked the Iraqis. You know…was the revolution worth it for you? Did Castro’s shennanigans, do you feel, give you a better life? Perhaps they, too feel humiliated and want more respect. They’ve paid in blood and still don’t have their freedom. But we do-praise The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit-even if it means others run their mouths about partying with, kissing and bowing to their “socialist gods”.

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  • GWB says:

    I’m going to apologize to my Roman Catholic friends right now:

    “It was kind of like getting the blessing of the Holy Trinity.”

    Yes, she did just call the Castro brothers “The Holy Trinity”. Kissed by “socialist saints”?

    You should spend some more time in catechism, Lisa. The Trinity are not saints, it is God Himself. This person claimed it was like being kissed by God. (You do make note of that throughout the rest of the piece.)

    Yes, that’s insane.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    GWB- I took the liberty to clarify where I was going with the “socialist saints” line (it’s now linked) as it was a bit unclear. I was referring to a NYT article from 2007 where Ramon Castro commented on Fidel’s health condition, stating he was protected by “socialist saints”. 🙂

    You’re right though, I probably should have spent more time in Catechism… I got kicked out several times for wearing eyeliner (true story). Got in trouble for drinking the wine during Lent in before-school mass. (That was fun…) Also got sent to the office and then given the assignment of reciting the Rosary loudly with my nose against the wall after confession once when I asked the father (who I heard cussing like a truck driver in the office one afternoon) why I had to confess my sins to him and why I couldn’t just go to the Source=God (true story, too). Catholic school….oh the memories! My folks just threw their hands up after my hair went orange. I was such a bad Catholic!

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