Shooter Robert Lewis Dear Made Comment About Baby Parts and Liberals Erupt

Shooter Robert Lewis Dear Made Comment About Baby Parts and Liberals Erupt

Shooter Robert Lewis Dear Made Comment About Baby Parts and Liberals Erupt

Robert Lewis Dear, the alleged shooter at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood office, is starting to talk, and what he was reported to have said has pushed the Left into a feeding frenzy.

In a statement made to officials after being taken into custody, Dear made the comment “no more baby parts,” according to two law enforcement officials.

Robert Lewis Dear mugshot.

The sources stressed that Dear made a lot of other comments as well, including references to President Obama. They also said the connection between that single comment and the targeting of the Planned Parenthood office was not clear. Yet that didn’t stop the Left from drawing the long knives on conservatives and Christians.

The leftist website Think Progress tore into Republican presidential candidates Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz for their criticism of Planned Parenthood after videos released by the Center for Medical Progress showed PP officials peddling parts of aborted babies. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs condemned all conservatives for the attack when he wrote, “Dear may be mentally disturbed, but we now know he was inspired by the lies and manipulative videos. And every conservative who helped spread these evil lies shares responsibility for this attack.” The left wing blogger Joe.My.God simply stated, “Case closed. Terrorist.”

And then there are the Leftists who lurk at Twitter.

And . . .

And this bit of venom:

The trouble with the leftwing narrative is that it willfully ignores the fact that Dear was alienated from society, and likely mentally ill. No account from news sources indicates that he practiced any sort of religious faith.

While living in North Carolina, Robert Dear lived in a tiny wooden hut in the woods, overgrown with weeds and lacking indoor plumbing, a shack which Dear assembled himself. When neighbors were aware that Dear was residing in the shack, they would keep their children inside. Dear was a drifter who moved from place to place largely in North Carolina, his other homes consisting of a mobile home and a camper. One neighbor, who spoke on anonymity, reported “He said he worked with the government, and everybody was out to get him, and he knew the secrets of the U.S.A. He said, ‘Nobody touch me, because I’ve got enough information to put the whole U.S. of A in danger.’ It was very crazy.” Another neighbor, John Hood, told the Associated Press that while Dear didn’t frighten him, he was “really strange and out there,” and had advised him to put a metal roof on his house to deter the U.S. government from spying on him.

Dear’s cabin in North Carolina. Credit:

And Dear’s religious or political beliefs? Those who knew him reported that he seemed to have few of either; in fact, as another neighbor said, “If you talked to him, nothing with him was very cognitive — topics all over place.”

But why should the Left let facts get into the way of their narrative? In the coming days they’ll continue to hammer the fiction that conservatives — particularly Christians — are terrorists who seek to annihilate those with whom they disagree. They’ll preach that mantra despite the fact that there are no Biblical exhortations calling for Christians to murder.

I wonder how many of those liberal bloggers and Twitter posters have been scolding us for calling ISIS “Islamic” and for questioning Islam’s role in terror? Funny how that works. If the Left didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

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