ISIS Propaganda Video Taunts the United States to “Bring It On”

ISIS Propaganda Video Taunts the United States to “Bring It On”

ISIS Propaganda Video Taunts the United States to “Bring It On”

The latest ISIS video dropped just days before Thanksgiving with the English version taking aim at the United States. The video targets men of the United States to be part of the Khilafah which is already expanding to the be “larger than Great Britain”, 8 times the size of Belgium and 30 times the size of Qatar. The video, entitled “No Respite” gets its name from Quran Verse 71:

“And recite to them the news of Noah, when he said to his people, “O my people, if my residence and my reminding of the signs of Allah has become burdensome upon you – then I have relied upon Allah . So resolve upon your plan and [call upon] your associates. Then let not your plan be obscure to you. Then carry it out upon me and do not give me respite.”

The following video contains graphic imagery of United States service members and may be disturbing to some viewers:

If you’re wondering what in the world you’ve just witnessed, you are in good company. The video mentions “Prophetic Methodology” which includes taking down American forces by defeat and breaking down their will. It proudly states the statistic of 18 American soldiers/service members committing suicide daily as a feather in the cap of the caliphate (but they use suicide bombers). The narrative celebrates the deaths and “the haunting” of our service members and claims that because of excessive military spending (us with our missiles, them with their 50 cent bullets), the United States is “too weak” to put boots on the ground. Aside of the blood and guts is a “soft side” to this production including photos of shiny, happy, bearded jihadists holding hands and the mention of schools for their “cubs” and “pearls”. All are prophetically united to “climb peaks to perform jihad”. The voice over guy taunts the United States and allies throughout with: “Bring it On, all of you.” (Is there any one besides me who noticed the voice over had an American accent?)

The video states “there is no honor in shirk and nationalism”; ironic since isn’t that what ISIS proposes to its followers? Not sinning by idolatry and polytheism and worshiping a singular God (Allah in their case) and having pride for their “nation” (the Islamic state)? “Bring it on,” they say. I happen to know a few Marines and other service members who would happily accept this challenge. Ain’t no party like a Daesh party. We can bring the missiles and we’ll even name 72 of ’em after your favorite virgins. But, if you prefer, we can also bring the 50 cent bullets-whatever puts you out of your misery sooner. Bring it on.

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