Somali Organizer Connected To Islamist Asks School Board For Money

Somali Organizer Connected To Islamist Asks School Board For Money

Ever wonder how radical Islam is able to make incursions into country after country? Well let me show you an example of how this insidious plague spreads with the help of my intrepid friend Daylight Disinfectant. The first thing you need to know is this-the idea of a sleeper cell that you have in your imagination isn’t strictly accurate. They are far more stealthy than the TV shows and they can take many, seemingly innocuous, forms.

The cast of Sleeper Cell, a Showtime show about a terrorist network, photo credit Showtime networks

The most recent example we have seen in the Northwest is a group of Somali immigrants who have implored the local public school board to support the creation of a Somali cultural and language program in the school system. It doesn’t sound too bad, right? A group of recent immigrants asking for a school system to help their children assimilate to the new country without losing their own cultural identity. The people making these requests are asking for five things:

1. The hiring of a Somali teacher to teach only the students who are in the program

2. A full time Somali teacher who will teach in the literacy program associated with the program (in their native language)

3. Hiring a full time immersion program coordinator

4. A full time project manager to manage the implementation of the program

5. A full time community outreach specialist geared toward the Somali community

But is that all they are requesting? Truly? When you dig a little, you find some disturbing connections between the organization that is making these requests and a convicted terrorist. Namely, Mohamed Mohamud the convicted terrorist who conspired to blow up the Christmas Tree lighting in downtown Portland, Oregon in 2010. The man making these demands of the public school board is Kayse Jama, the executive director of the Center for Intercultural Organizing who is pictured below leaving Mohamud’s trail.

Center, Kayse Jama, Exec. Dir. of Center for International Organizing leaving the trail of convicted terrorist Mohammed Mohamud

The Center for Intercultural Organizing (CIO) is all about what they refer to as “co-integration”. This is a concept that says that immigrants have a responsibility to blend into their new culture, but the inhabitants of that country also have a responsibility to integrate the immigrants culture into theirs as well. In the case of Jamal, that may mean integrating radical elements of not only Islam, but socialism too.

Picture of an AARPR member at a rally

You see, as reported by Michael Strickland at Progressive’s Today in December of last year,  the CIO held an event at their Portland location for the All African Revolutionary Party (AARPR) that was billed as a “Blacks only” meeting in regards to the Ferguson riots in December of last year. You can see the various anti-American and anti-capitalist videos on their site.

Kayse Jama on Comcast Newsmakers, Photo credit Comcast

Now, we have the Executive Director of an organization associated with socialists and who is friends with a convicted terrorist showing up at a school board meeting to demand special treatment of students who are largely Muslim on the tax payers dime?  This is how it starts. The loss of freedom in the face of radical Islam is a slow creep. First Somali Muslims ask for special consideration from charity , they call for teachers to be fired for showing students pictures of Mohammad , and now they are demanding that tax payer dollars be spent to keep their culture alive in public schools. All this is happening across multiple states.

A Muslim protestor, photo credit Seattle Globalist

I have a message for these folks. No. Generations of previous immigrants managed to keep their culture alive in their homes by speaking their mother tongue at home, by teaching their children their religious traditions in their churches-the Germans, the Irish, the Swedish all did so successfully without demanding that our nation grant them special privileges. I suggest that they do the same and that the school board do some due diligence on those who appear before them demanding that tax payer dollars be spent.

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