#OSUAttack: Abdul Razak Ali Artan Came To US From Somalia Via Pakistan [VIDEOS]

#OSUAttack: Abdul Razak Ali Artan Came To US From Somalia Via Pakistan [VIDEOS]

Ohio State University, fresh off of a major win against Michigan State last weekend, dealt with some very unwelcome terror on campus this morning.

Once the information sorted itself out and the media’s false anti-2A gun narrative fell apart, the facts began to emerge. Chiefly that the suspect involved used a car and a butcher knife in the attack that injured 11.

The situation could’ve been far worse if it wasn’t for the Ohio State University police officer who got to the scene quickly and killed the suspect

…with his department issued GUN.

So what do we know about this attacker?

Somali Organizer Connected To Islamist Asks School Board For Money

Ever wonder how radical Islam is able to make incursions into country after country? Well let me show you an example of how this insidious plague spreads…

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