Somali Organizer Connected To Islamist Asks School Board For Money

Ever wonder how radical Islam is able to make incursions into country after country? Well let me show you an example of how this insidious plague spreads with the help of my intrepid friend Daylight Disinfectant. The first thing you need to know is this-the idea of a sleeper cell that you have in your imagination isn’t strictly accurate. They are far more stealthy than the TV shows and they can take many, seemingly innocuous, forms.

#BanTheBox-Local Governments Give Businesses Tax Breaks To Hire ExCons

So the Ferguson protests have given rise to a whole new menace across the country known as “Don’t Shoot…” insert name of major metropolis here. These are…

Oh No! It Isn’t Just About White Privilege Anymore-What About Lesbian Privilege?

So this week I am departing from my streak of shari’ah coverage to bring you an interesting (if not downright amusing) look into the minds of those…

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