Surviving the 2011 State of the Union Address

I may or may not watch the State of the Union address tonight — I haven’t quite decided if I want to be simultaneously bored and outraged tonight. But I’m still thinking of all of you, dear readers, and I know that getting through the speech tonight will be near agony. So how do you make it bearable? Easy: the 2011 SOTU Drinking Game!

I polled the readers on my Facebook, and here are the rules we came up with. Every time you see or hear one of these things, DRINK!

  • Every time Obama says “let me be clear”
  • Every time Obama says “make no mistake”
  • Every time Obama says “for too long”
  • Every time the camera zooms into Michelle
  • Every time Nancy Pelosi pops out of her seat cheering wildly
  • Every time Obama says “unprecedented”
  • Every time Obama says “the previous administration”
  • Every time Obama mentions inheriting something
  • Every time Obama mentions an investment
  • Every time Obama says “historic”
  • Every time Obama talks about civility, rhetoric, or the new tone
  • Every time the speech gets interrupted by wild applause
  • Mandatory double shot if Boehner cries
  • Every time Joe Biden nods his head; double shot if Biden falls asleep
  • Every time you hear the word “bipartisan”

Now, for the really daring among you, here are the hard core rules:

  • Every time Obama says “uh”, “um”, or stammers, drink.
  • Every time Obama says “I”, “me”, or “my”, drink.

Careful with those last two though, that could potentially lead to food poisoning!

UPDATE: So, against what was undoubtedly better judgement, I’ve decided to watch the SOTU address, and even better — I’ll be liveblogging it here. Well, I’ll be liveblogging in Twitter, which you can tune in to here. Make sure to join the conversation and have your bottle of whiskey handy!

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