Bill Maher Heckled By Leno Audience: ‘Right-Wing Wants To Kill People They Disagree With’

Bill Maher Heckled By Leno Audience: ‘Right-Wing Wants To Kill People They Disagree With’

While discussing the Tucson shooting Tuesday night on Jay Leno’s show, Bill Maher had a lot of his normal uber-liberal garbage to spew: the NRA should be called ‘The Assassin Lobby’, he’s sick of hearing about the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, cheap (and bad) Palin jokes, and how much he hates Newt. But perhaps his most shameful hate-riddled comment was this:

Jay Leno: Now, Roger Ailes said to Fox, they’re gonna scale back the rhetoric. You think this will last for any longer than a week or two?

Bill Maher: No, because that’s the rhetoric they love. The right-wing loves, the go-to rhetoric for them is, “Wouldn’t it be fun to kill the people we disagree with?” You know, they try to put across this false equivalence. [To audience] No?

Here’s the video so you can watch it yourself:

Newsbusters has the full text of this latest Maher rant. How do haters like him live with themselves?

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  • Fiona says:

    Question for anyone: If Sheriff Dupnik knew that Jarad Lee Loughner was making death threats to Rep. Giffords, why did the Sheriff’s Office allow Mr. Loughner’s purchase of the a weapon go through? If he had been kicked off campus and had campus police called on him multiple times, why was the Sheriff’s office not flagging him? Guess it is easier for Sheriff Dupnik to blame the Tea-Party then it is to admit that he and his Office dropped the ball.

  • Christina says:

    What planet does this douchebag live on? It’s always the LEFT calling for their “opponents” to be killed. It was a LEFTIE Baldwin Brother calling for the STONING DEATH of a politician he disagreed with.

    Bill Maher is evil. Period. He’s a mouthpiece of Satan. The only question is the degree to which he’s a witting and WILLING mouthpiece of Satan.

  • kathy2trips says:

    Bill Maher should read “From Luby’s to the Legislature: One Woman’s Fight Against Gun Control”, by Susanna Hupp. Her parents were killed at Luby’s in Kileen TX; she escaped through a broken window. TX law at the time prohibited carrying concealed firearms, so she left her gun in her car’s glove compartment…and there is sat while the slaughter took place. She ran for TX legislature and won as a Republican in a heavily Democratic district. She wrote the Texas Concealed Weapon law we have today. It’s not a fantasy; it’s just people who obey the laws don’t have weapons….but criminals do. They don’t care about laws.

  • David says:

    Wow, kathy2 – what a story Susanna Hupp has to tell (and I guess HAS told in her book).

    I’ll look for it at the library. : )

  • Teazombee says:

    Maher is an imbecile liberal loon . Shame on Leno for giving this left- wing windbag a platform to spew his hateful ignorant rehetoric. He and his loony minions have had Palin Derangement Syndrome since she ran as vice president over two years ago.

    What is it about Sarah Palin that drives Maher and the left nuts? They hate everything about her, and yet at the same time they can’t stop talking about her. Like a succubus, she haunts their fever dreams, visits them in their sleep, and sucks the life force out of them. No matter what she does, what she says, or where she goes, Sarah is an object of endless fascination to the “progressives,” who hate her with a mad passion. They cower in fear of her awesome endorsement powers and well… just can take their eyes off her:

  • Mike Rusher says:

    I really believe that if Maher and his worthless left feel this way then they should be the first to have the Constitution taken away from them and see how life is for them.

    No “damn” amendments to deal with, nothing to turn to and say “I have the right” to say what I think, no freedom, no protection, no leadership. Let us know Maher when you and your buddies experience it and how it works out for you then we just might, well, laugh in your face!

    Oh, and by the way, the nut who destroyed so many lives in Arizona was a “Left Wing Nut”, communism, atheists etc. Bill Maher, he probably represents your beliefs to the core!

  • Monex says:

    …………………………….I dont care if youre well-meaning think youre cool or hip or are a flaming liberal. This is unacceptable and the silence in the response to Bill Mahers rhetoric is deafening! I guess everyone would have been cool if Bill Maher said what too. Someone explain to me why Bill Maher gets a pass. . I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs you know where he lifts up his shirt so they can see the gun in his pants..Is this really what TV audiences picture when they think of black people? In 2010?.Wasnt this country which has suffered so much in its race relations supposed to have transcended caricatures like this long ago?.Hasnt Maher ever heard of the Cosby Shows Doctor Cliff Huxtable and his lovable affluent furthest-thing-from-dysfunctional family who ruled prime-time television for five straight years some two decades ago?.How could a nerdy white guy like Maher get away with something like this?

  • Monex says:

    That some in an audience of Southern Californians inclined to attend studio tapings could be cowed to applaud by a repugnant hate-mongering ideological lynch mob leader is also no surprise..Maher s slander is equivalent to nothing less than the spoken form of blood libel and in this I find myself for a second time the first time being when Foolish liberals who are trying to read the Second Amendment out of the Constitution by claiming its not an individual right or that its too much of a safety hazard dont see the danger in the big picture. …Comments posted belong to the commenter alone and are not endorsed by Oath ..Keepers or the administrators for this site.

  • america says:

    We need to pull a “osama bin laden” on Bill Maher…if you get my drift

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