Blogging For Choice Or Life: When They Say ‘Choice’ What Do They Really Mean?

Blogging For Choice Or Life: When They Say ‘Choice’ What Do They Really Mean?

Meet Benjamin Matthew Chesser, the pre-born child of Matt and Cassy Chesser. His daddy Matt is one of our bravest — a Marine currently deployed to Afghanistan. His mommy is Cassy, one of the best conservative bloggers on the internet and my friend. This 4D Ultrasound video of their son Ben, yawning, was taken just a couple of days ago at 29 weeks in the womb. His much anticipated birth date is April 5, 2011. The idea of ‘choosing’ whether Ben would live or die is something Matt and Cassy never, ever considered. After watching Ben’s video, who would?

Benjamin Matthew Chesser

Yet NARAL, the leading pro-abortion advocacy group in the country, has announced their annual ‘Blog for Choice Day,’ today, January 21, in ‘celebration’ of the upcoming 38th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade — a decision that has led to the killing of 50 million pre-born babies in America.

‘Blog for Choice Day’? Sounds ambiguous doesn’t it? Does that mean a choice to be a redhead rather than blond? To wear black instead of blue? To go to college or not? No. Regardless of what they try to say it’s about, ‘Choice’ is always code for killing babies.

Please. Watch Benjamin Matthew Chesser yawn again and then explain to me what the ‘choice’ in pro-choice really means. To celebrate the killing of 50 million babies (and millions of broken and brutalized women) is decidedly craven. For those of us who are unashamedly pro-life, the news this week of the mass killings of babies at an abortion clinic is heartbreaking and evil. All i can really say about that is THIS is what the word ‘weep’ was meant for.

Remember pre-born babies have no voice but ours. Choose Life.

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  • Sarai says:

    I am pro-choice moderate democrat. Being pro-choice means having, in a free society, the unfettered opportunity to control my own life journey and deciding my own life course without the judgement and hypocrisy of people like you.

  • kate says:

    really sarai? that’s an interesting but utterly false argument. you democrats — and most pro-choice folks are democrats — want to restrict (fetter) my right to own or carry a gun. you want to restrict (fetter) my kids right to quality education through school choice. you want to restrict (fetter) my right to healthcare for my family. get my drift? i could go on if not.

    choice = your right to kill little human beings also known as pre-born babies. period.

  • Alex says:

    Abortion???? Let’s talk about more relevant issues like job creation and Obamacare.

  • JT says:

    The only thing worse than abortion is the government having the authority to tell you whether or not you will have one.

  • finishstrongdoc says:

    There are only three scenarios where the word “choice”, without a descriptor, can RATIONALLY apply. 1) Insane asylums, where people there Always choose to do Anything they want. 2) Total War where combatants Always kill Anyone they want 3) Anarchy where people Always choose Any behavior they want to choose.
    Unless the “pro-choice” crowd wishes to admit that”pro choice” Always means Something, then it will have to be assumed that it Always means Everything, which is IRRATIONAL. Or they can come to the RATIONAL, LOGICAL conclusion that the y have either been CONNED by a euphemism or they really do wish for, in their heart of hearts, one or all of the abovelisted scenarios. If that sounds crazy, it’s because you’re not thinking rationally. Or you’ve bought into the con. Your choice.

  • Ken says:

    Sarai I noticed your little rant didn’t contain a single word about the baby, just “my”, “mine”, “I”.

    That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

  • Dade says:

    Said it before, I’ll say it again now:

    By the very nature of the issue, anyone who has a position on abortion will be strident in his/her advocacy.

    People who are “pro-life,” who view human life as beginning at the instant that a sperm fertilizes an ovum, are of course convinced that an abortion is the willful taking of an innocent life. And it follows that such people would believe that abortion is a monstrous crime.

    Equally, however, those that are “pro-choice,” who believe that the beginning of human life occurs at some unknowable point in the process of fetal development, believe that women must have complete control over their own bodies, and that infringements on their reproductive rights are obscene governmental intrusions.

  • Dade says:

    Just want to add: I can’t make heads nor tails of all that nonsense that finishstrongdoc had to say. It’s gobbledygook.

  • Luci says:

    Ever heard of “my body, my choice”? That wasn’t just a clever saying. It meant the right of certain legal protections over my own body. These little videos are great but it’s apples and oranges.

  • Jim says:

    Obamacare’s Death Panels. Physician Assisted Suicide. If we as a society won’t protect the lives of BORN people what makes anyone think there is hope for the unborn?

  • Marsha says:

    Awwww! Little Ben Chesser is a cutey patooty! Congrats to the family! Anyone who thinks their legal rights supercede the rights of this child to live is souless and selfish. Have the child, even though it is a difficulty, then give him or her to a couple who want children. How difficult is that to understand? For pro-abortion liberals, very.

  • Gerald says:

    How can anyone look at this 4D video and say abortion is OK?

  • Coal Shoals says:

    I often wondered about why the “Get your Laws off my Body” crowd wasn’t out there loudly protesting the Obamacare individual mandate…

  • kate says:

    coal shoals ha! brilliant. 🙂

  • Choice’ is always code for killing babies.But we have to remember pre-born babies have no voice but they are ours. so please choose Life.

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