Saying Thank You

Saying Thank You

Today, we honor America’s veterans, young and old, who enable us to experience life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness as our founders intended. We remember acts of…

AP Rifle squad honors vets with 57,000 goodbyes

Hot Air Video series: the Great Americans

235 Years of Honor, Courage, and Commitment

235 Years of Honor, Courage, and Commitment

235 years ago today, the United States Marine Corps was born in a tavern in Philadelphia, PA. Each year, on November 10th, Marines all over the world…

Marine Corps’ 235th Birthday: Remembering Cpl. Jason Dunham

A big Semper Fi and “Happy 235th Birthday” to the United States Marine Corps, America’s 911 Force and the “first to fight!” It’s been a fun 2…

Sickening Hypocrisy: Former Terrorist Bernardine Dohrn Smears Tea Partiers As Violent Terrorists

Sickening Hypocrisy: Former Terrorist Bernardine Dohrn Smears Tea Partiers As Violent Terrorists

Originally posted at David Horowitz’s Newsreal: What makes someone a terrorist? According to former terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, planting bombs and attempting to kill Americans doesn’t cut it….

Right Wing News Ted Rall calls for armed socialist revolution

CNS News Obama Exempts Four Countries from Law Barring U.S. Military Assistance to Nations Using Child Soldiers

Michelle Malkin Mystery missile: Shades of Scare Force One

The Daily Interlake “I took that oath seriously. But you have responsibilities, too. You should take them seriously.”

Academic Absurdity: Embracing Obesity With “Fat Studies”

Originally posted at David Horowitz’s Newsreal: Useless college degrees are nothing new. From degrees in art history and philosophy to women’s studies and queer musicology, academia loves…

Johnny Dollar The phony journalism of Rachel Maddow

Project Valour IT: Fun Marine Corps Facts and Traditions

Our fabulous US Marine Corps was established on November 10, 1775, by a group of minutemen in Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Today’s Marine still likes a…

Fort Hood, Texas & Mumbai, India

A few days ago, I blogged about the 1 year anniversary of the Ft. Hood Massacre. Well today, a FB friend of mine pointed this out: “Nov….

Last chance to bid on these Valour-IT auctions!

Act fast to win one of these great items in the Valour-IT auctions – these items close tomorrow (end time noted is Pacific time). Proceeds go to…

It’s not over yet

It’s not over yet

Yesterday, the Marine team pulled ahead of the Army team, and we’re still leading by approximately $500. While the Army team reached the $15k goal before we…

Valour IT: Marine Team ‘Embracing the Suck’ and a Wee Bit of Link Love

Embracing the Suck: mil-speak for ‘The situation is bad, but deal with it’ – something the Marines are exceptionally good at. From Iwo Jima to Fallujah and…

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