Obama wins.

Obama wins.

Well, it happened just like we all thought it would and hoped it wouldn’t. I did not end up going to the victory party with the Duval…

screw defeat

i woke this morning feeling upset with the outcome of our election but hopeful in a number of ways. yes. indeed we are all americans but we…

let freedom ring

‘I call on all Americans, as I have often in this campaign, to not despair of our present difficulties, but to believe, always, in the promise and…

thugs for obama

philadelphia. are they ‘security guards’ at a polling site or charter members of the new ‘civilian security force’ proposed by barack obama? note the guards have night…

Election Day Victory(?) Party

Well, today’s the big day. There are many bloggers who will be liveblogging tonight as the results roll in, but not me. No, I will be attending…

Obama flips McCain the bird

Obama flips McCain the bird

Once is coincidence. Twice is not. Remember when he did this to Hillary, too? If he wins today, we’ll have such a mature, classy President, won’t we?

Post Number 1,000!

This is my 1,000th post, folks! I feel very accomplished. OK, not really, but I thought I’d congratulate myself a little bit here, and more importantly, say…

Barack Obama vs. Barack Obama

Barack Obama vs. Barack Obama

Attacking his positions in his own words. Thanks, Mary Katharine Ham! Have you voted yet? Make sure you do, and keep this tool out of office. PLEASE….

election day 2008

go vote! nothing more to say is there?

pray hard.

don’t give up.

Marine: Murtha is a “fat little bastard”

This made me laugh. A lot. During the rally, Shawn Bryan, a former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps., said Murtha visited his unit in Iraq in…

Dumb libtard comment of the day: using a gun is JUST LIKE using a hair dryer!

Apparently, I’m a marksman with a pistol because of the years and years of experience using a hair dryer. That’s according to the oh-so-intelligent person who left…

sarah rocks missouri!

they were fired up to see sarah palin today in missouri! according to the state police the crowd estimated at 17,000-18,000 people. interestingly, joe biden had a…

do we want a president like this?

do we want a president like this?

keep it classy bo! he flipped off john mccain today during a speech… just like he did to hillary. of course, he’s saying that to all of…

the fort dix dance

the fort dix dance

watch this vid. no matter how often they refuse to discuss it, the evidence of a close relationship between terrorist william ayers and socialist barack obama is…

selfish americans

selfish americans

barack obama, ‘the *selfish* one.’ members of his own family are suffering in extreme poverty and he calls me, and other americans who don’t want to pay…

are you from coal country?

check out what the fresh prince wants to do to your livelihood in his own words of course: ‘bankrupt the coal industry.’ don’t let this happen. mccain…

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