‪#‎SB50‬: The 5 Best Super Bowl Commercials for 2016 [VIDEO]

‪#‎SB50‬: The 5 Best Super Bowl Commercials for 2016 [VIDEO]

The game may have been not all it was hyped to be (and I say this as someone who had no vested interest in the outcome, even though part of my husband’s family are devoted Broncos fans, and my cousin’s husband is an offensive tackle for the Panthers), but the commercials lit social media on fire.

Super Bowl Seahawk babies, from the song  (screen shot from YouTube)
Super Bowl Seahawk babies, from the song (screen shot from YouTube)
Some of these commercials caused a NARAL freak out (because they are joyless scolds who hate babies and all references to them). So, at our Super Bowl get-together, these were the ads that scored the highest (listed in no particular order).

1) Dad-Dos by Pantene
There is something so incredibly sweet about watching dads do their little girls’ hair.

Pantene ran four different ‘dos by three NFL players and their daughters on their YouTube channel. For promoting the value of dads, Pantene was a winner this year.

2) Amazon Echo
Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin insulting each other in this ad was truly funny.

I’m not sure if the product is actually worth it (it’s a Siri that can order from Amazon for you. Don’t let kids get a hold of this), but the promotion was good.

3) Kia’s “Walken Closet”
Christopher Walken will not be ignored, unlike beige socks.

The mitten sock on Walken’s hand just needed its own cowbell. That was the only thing missing in this commercial.

4) Coke Mini, starring Ant-Man and the Hulk
This was a winner with the kids. Ant-Man breaks into Dr. Bruce Banner’s lab and steals a Coke Mini. Do NOT steal Hulk’s Coke!

Yes, it was silly, but Coke clearly won in the pop culture and kid demographic.

5) Super Bowl Babies (the full song, featuring Seal)
This entirely funny and completely adorable song (look at those cute little Seahawk babies from 2014!!!) was a clear winner, despite the NARAL complaints.

The best part is the giant choir at the end, with all the “babies” singing together. And some of those younger kids really get into the song! The NFL had a clever idea, Seal was a great sport about spoofing his own song, and NARAL needs to get a life.

Those were the favorite ads from our little Super Bowl party. What were your other favorites?

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  • Kodos says:

    The Jeep “75 years” ad. The first one, with all the black-and-whites.

    I think we already know the losers, and Budweiser laid nothing but eggs this year. Schumer and Rogen are no-talent boors.

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