Pamela Anderson Victim Blames #Weinstein Survivors [VIDEO]

Pamela Anderson Victim Blames #Weinstein Survivors [VIDEO]

So Pamela Anderson thinks that the women who were abused by Harvey Weinstein “Knew what they were getting into”. Ms. Anderson survived sexual abuse as a child and yet has zero empathy for the women that Weinstein molested and/or raped because “They should have known better”. Well, Ms. Anderson, let me explain how you are an amazing hypocrite.

Michelle Obama – America’s unelected food czar

There is a plethora of Obama-sponsored liberal, progressive, dangerous, and nonsensical policies to be outraged by, but Mrs. Obama’s pet project of force feeding America’s children what…

99% “Environmentalists” watch fossil fuel protest on the Columbia from yachts

I live in Portland, OR so I should (technically) be used to environmentalists who are hypocrites. How are they hypocritical you ask? Well, let’s see many of…

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