“Hoe kill yourself”: Liberals Attack Actress Stacey Dash for Supporting Mitt Romney

by Cassy Fiano on October 9, 2012

The Other McCain brings disturbing, but unsurprising news. Actress Stacey Dash, who is black and first came to fame after starring in the movie Clueless, recently voiced her support for Mitt Romney on Twitter. This clearly made her a race traitor. Liberals immediately started attacking the actress in some truly vile, yet unsurprising, ways. The inherent racism on the left shined through loud and clear.

Stacy Dash is an oreo, white man dik hopping uncle tom ghetto gagger may she get cancer twice and die once.

Stacy Dash is an oreo, white man dik hopping uncle tom ghetto gagger may she get cancer twice and die once.

Y’all know Stacey Dash is a Oreo!

Oreo Cookie bitch— Cunnilingus

you oreo fucking bitch

hoe kill yourself!!!! UNCLE TOM…HOUSE NIGGA

Stacey Dash know she gwan be a house slave. she not trying to sit with the cotton pickers—

Weak ass no acting ass @REALStaceyDash. U can’t never come back over here! You’s a house nigga now

Still won’t make you white. I bet Mitt will use your back to keep his feet warm. House Negro.

And on and on it went. (See Twitchy for the entire round-up.)

This all happened, of course, because Stacey Dash is three things: she is a woman, she is black, and she is an actress. Any one of those three automatically requires her to be a Democrat.

The most ridiculous part of all of this is that it just goes to show the utter, flaming hypocrisy of the left. They claim to be the tolerant ones, accepting of diversity, but for them, diversity only goes skin-deep. And their racism is clear. Black people aren’t allowed to have different opinions (that’s only for white people, apparently). Black people aren’t allowed to come to their own conclusions on politics (also only for white people). No, if you step outside the neat little box created for you, you get blasted.

Yet they call us the racist ones?

Stacey Dash should be lauded, not only for her good common sense in rejecting Obama, but for her courage in speaking out.

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Amy Muennink October 9, 2012 at 4:48 pm

To heck with all those nasty mouth leftists~

They are all showing their true colors, which ironically is just like the Obamas!!


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