Elon Musk’s “Verbal Ok” To Build HyperLoop Would Involve Massive Taxpayer Subsidies [VIDEO]

Elon Musk’s “Verbal Ok” To Build HyperLoop Would Involve Massive Taxpayer Subsidies [VIDEO]

Elon Musk’s “Verbal Ok” To Build HyperLoop Would Involve Massive Taxpayer Subsidies [VIDEO]

Tesla. We’ve all heard about it. We’ve all seen the Tesla shops in our malls (although for some reason the shops disappeared this spring here in CO.) Some of us have seen them on the streets. I confess, living here in CO, I’ve not seen many. Perhaps it’s because charging stations are few and far between? But I digress. Here’s the latest from Elon Musk.

New York to Washington in 29 minutes? Elon Musk says it’s possible and he has the government’s approval to do it (though it’s anyone’s guess which government or how long it would take to build).

Think I’m wrong? Here’s his tweet.

Woohoo!! Now we are really getting into the Blade Runner, Star Wars interplanetary stuff and HOW!


And from deBlasio’s Press Secretary…

Yeah. OOPSIE. If the states involved have ZERO clue as to what he’s talking about, this is about as far as a done deal as launching a space station on Pluto. 

Elon Musk isn’t self-made. Sure, he’s selling his cars. But there are problems. Mike McDanial at Stately McDaniel Manor has catalogued the issues regarding Tesla and electric vehicles quite well.

Cars catching on fire for no reason… WHILE you are driving it!

Cars stalling out in traffic UNEXPECTEDLY!

Government incentives drying up? Sales come to a screeching halt.

Charging station availability? Here in the West …. Good. Luck.

Fuel prices drop. Bad for Tesla.

Here’s the deal – Elon Musk has made his millions off of selling cars that are completely and utterly subsidized with taxpayer dollars! I kid you not. Look here, here, and here.

So, with his ultra out of the blue grandiose plan of building a HyperLoop from DC to New York, lets get real.

A. The only reason his vehicles are semi-reasonable priced as they are is because of taxpayer subsidies.

B. There are multiple states, multiple federal agencies, and multiple local agencies that are enclosed in this HyperLoop of his. Who will pay for this plan?

You guessed it. Not Elon. Oh heck no. It’ll be us peon taxpayers that’s who!

Think I’m wrong? just watch. I’d venture that that beg for subsidies will happen in about 2 months.

Not only that, but Twitter took him apart.

And well….


Meanwhile, Twitter had a heyday about that verbal approval stuff: 

Don’t get me wrong, a faster more efficient way to travel sounds pretty good. But not at the expense of gouging our pocket books on unproven ideas and technology.

Do YOU want to be on the HyperLoop when one of the Tesla batteries catches fire or the engine arbitrarily shuts off? I don’t!

Here’s the funny thing. When Elon gave his TED talk, the tunnels/HyperLoop under discussion involved LA. Yes. LA.

Wait what? Was California not fast enough in allocating it’s GREEN MONEY to you for the project? Must be why you are now attempting to oh so subtly push the Eastern seaboard into a project that

  1. They aren’t prepared for.
  2. Zero studies have been done
  3. No one knows who is involved
  4. Funding? Big fat question mark.

Sorry Elon. Right now, thankfully, your oh so lovely HyperLoop is a massive Bridge to Nowhere. Let’s keep it that way.

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  • Scott says:

    Nice post Nina, I too had noticed that the store at Park Meadows had gone away…
    On an unrelated note I almost didn’t read the posts today, the new look made me do a double take, and make sure it wasn’t a scam site lol… But the new look is cool, just caught me off gaurd

    • Nina says:

      Thank you!

      Updated site is a work in progress. 😉

      • GWB says:

        I prefer the old style. It’s a better presentation of information, imo. (But, I *am* a conservative, and don’t like change unless you can show me it will be good change.)

  • parker says:

    Did all the classic art work fall into Musk hyperloop utopia?

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Elon certainly knows how to tap into the near-bottomless pit of “green” money.

    Wonder how financially viable he’d be without the gazillions of dollars transfusion that’s enabled The People’s Car/Tesla to survive thus far?

    • Nina says:

      Considering each Tesla is sold pretty much at a loss – of $4000 or more – he’d be broke in months if not weeks.

  • GWB says:

    A few things….

    First, you forgot that Teslas are also evidently running off the road and such with the not-really-an-autopilot.

    Second, If you think a vacuum tube with a train going hypervelocity in it is a cool thing, go ride the DC Metro. It will be fabulous – until the maintenance starts to be a hassle. That bump in the track on the Metro that throws everyone just a little at 30mph? At 500mph? Hoo-boy.

    Third, why should he need to talk to any of the states? Or municipalities? This will be underground, won’t it? Far enough that you’re out of their jurisdiction, right? 😉 You just have to get the elevators approved, as well as digging down to the depth required….

    Fourth, these ideas are great – super-fast trains, hyper-loops, supersonic jets – but they only serve a small group of people who actually move back and forth between NY and DC (or LA and DC, or London and NY, or…). The supersonic jet can at least be flexible in its route. The trains? Not so much.
    If you read the science fiction that involves similar tools to this hyper-loop tech, they also involve megalopolises – giant urban centers that cover entire regions (like one that includes everything from Boston to DC, or one that covers all of the CA coast from LA to SF). And within those megalopolises, more trains (fast ones!) to get you around the super-city.
    All the guys in the hinterlands? If they don’t have flying cars, they’re just toodling along with gasoline-based cars and such.

    Last, while I agree that maybe there shouldn’t be subsidy of this, and it might be a questionable endeavor, it’s still good to see people thinking big ideas and ways to pull them off.

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