Press Secretary Sean Spicer Resigns, Questions About His Replacement [VIDEO]

Press Secretary Sean Spicer Resigns, Questions About His Replacement [VIDEO]

Press Secretary Sean Spicer Resigns, Questions About His Replacement [VIDEO]

The writing had been on the wall for a while, so it really was not much of a surprise when Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced his resignation this morning.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Melissa McCarthy and Twitter parody account sean_spicier hardest hit.

But who on earth is this new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci?

Well, this sounds not very promising. Kellyanne Conway had a little more optimism.
Is this another case of Trump valuing loyalty above ability? Scaramucci’s job is going to be all about effectively communicating the administration’s message, not his own opinion. Is he going to be able to do that? Or is he just going to be an attack dog for Trump? We will have to wait and see. I’m not sure if Spicer will be missed much once he finally leaves, but I do hope he can settle back into his private life, away from the spotlight, with as little drama as possible.

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  • Bob Rich says:

    2 things.

    – Nothing wrong with common sense firearms laws.

    – CC “hoaxers” are as bad as CC “zealots.”

    On those 2 this guy, who is a go-getter it seems is right.

    • GWB says:

      Define “common sense firearms laws”? Here’s mine:
      – All firearms should work as advertised and be appropriate for the intended purpose
      – Anyone committing a crime with a firearm (any weapon, really) should do hard time
      – Keep firearms away from convicted felons until they’ve done their time (and their parole) and they’ve officially had their rights restored
      – Keep firearms away from certified crazy people, until they’ve been ‘cleared’
      – If you f-up with a firearm (shoot someone while cleaning your weapon), it should be treated as gross negligence
      – Same for if you leave your weapon unsecured and someone else f-ups
      – You should be trained to use a weapon; since I don’t want a national/state registry of gun owners, it should be taught in school (required because you’re a member of the militia, anyway, and it will help “kids be safe around guns”)

      Did I miss any?

      As to “”CC hoaxers”, ditto Scott.

      • Scott says:

        I like your answers GWB… since schools don’t teach that anymore (though around here, they do teach most other things), I decided that I should actually be a parent, and teach my children myself, those things they need to know, so both of my children knew how to shoot by the time they were 5 yrs old… ( hopefully that just made any leftists lurking around here wet their pants, and look for a safe space! hehe)

        And seeing as both my kids are now out of high school, apparently raising them around guns isn’t near as dangerous as those pushing “common sense gun laws” would have us believe..

  • Scott says:

    Gonna have to disagree with Bob on both counts…
    1. 2nd amendment to the Constitution is pretty damn clear.. “Shall not be infringed” doesn’t leave much room for interpretation, in addition to the fact that gun laws came into being to prevent recently freed slaves from defending themselves, and when you look at both the cities in which they’re in place, and the politicians that push them, it’s not hard to see that “common sense firearms laws” are anything but, and were never intended to do anything but disarm the population, and create subjects instead of citizens.
    2. Since the human caused climate change idiots always have to cook the numbers to come out anywhere lose to their dire predictions, and then still fall short, I’d say there’s not a damn thing wrong with calling the idea of “human caused global warming” a hoax… just go back to the 70’s when when it was sure that we were all gonna die from the coming ice age…

    I don’t know if he’ll be able to get past those personal OPINIONS of his, and support the administration or not, but if he can’t, President Trump needs to once again say YOU’RE FIRED

  • GWB says:

    It’s sure too bad we couldn’t get a conservative to win in 2016. But, if we have to have a non-conservative, I’d rather it be Trump than Hillary.

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