“Dead is Dead:” Race-Addled City Official Opposes Holocaust Memorial [VIDEO]

by Kim Quade on June 25, 2016

Dear readers, you cannot make this stuff up.

This past week, in Birmingham, AL, a city councilwoman made outrageous assertions concerning a proposed city project which would’ve aided in the development of a privately-funded Holocaust memorial. Because. . . racism.

Sheila Tyson is opposed to $45,000 being spent to clear a lot to build a memorial park on the site of the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center, which has already privately raised $500,000. The memorial would honor not only those who perished in the Holocaust, but also those survivors who came to America and made Birmingham their home.

Rebecca Dobrinski, the memorial center’s executive director, said of the memorial, “It is meant to teach the community of the consequences of prejudice and hate. That is the lesson of the Holocaust. Our goal is to teach the lessons of the Holocaust … so that we do not go down that slippery slope of hate again.”


Image from Birmingham Holocaust Education Center.

That doesn’t matter to Sheila. She went on a rant in the city council chambers, asking “Isn’t it still for dead people. It is for dead people. Aren’t the people they are memorializing deceased?” She concluded with, “Dead is dead, right?”

Yes, dead is dead. But Sheila is butthurt about the Holocaust memorial because she had previously asked the city to provide repairs for the historical black and privately owned Shadow Lawn Cemetery. To make her point, Sheila claimed that Shadow Lawn is the oldest cemetery in the country. It most certainly is not.


Behold the glories of Sheila Tyson’s race-addled brain in action. I feel sympathy for the city attorney, Thomas Bentley — whose parents are buried at Shadow Lawn — when he tried to explain to poor Sheila the difference between a private cemetery and a city memorial.

But wait, isn’t this guy dead, too? And memorialized in no less than the very capital of the nation?


Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial in Washington, DC.

Yeah, well, never mind. It probably doesn’t matter to Sheila, anyway. After all, the stone from which the King Memorial is carved is white.

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Merle June 25, 2016 at 7:50 pm

AHH, the stone is white – that explains it!!! 🙂



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