When You’ve Lost Lt. Dan: Gary Sinise Is Not Happy With Anti-Military CA Teacher [VIDEO]

When You’ve Lost Lt. Dan: Gary Sinise Is Not Happy With Anti-Military CA Teacher [VIDEO]

When You’ve Lost Lt. Dan: Gary Sinise Is Not Happy With Anti-Military CA Teacher [VIDEO]

Our Constitution gives Americans rights that not many in the world have. Freedom of Speech is at the top of the list. That freedom gives us the ability and opportunity to offer our opinions however misguided they may be. Lisa told us about teacher and city councilman Gregory Salcido’s expletive-filled rant specifically directed at a student and the military. 

As Lisa eloquently pointed out, those who serve in our military are by no means “dumb shits.”

Understandably, many people are finding fault with Salcido’s ill-advised and ill-informed rant.

Yesterday evening, Gary Sinise, AKA Lieutenant Dan, tweeted out the following comment.

When you’ve lost Lieutenant Dan, you’re in deep, and I mean DEEP, SH*T.

Gary Sinise is absolutely correct. Several Presidents served in the military prior to becoming President.

George Washington

Theodore Roosevelt

John F. Kennedy

Harry Truman

George W. Bush

Shall I go on? How about those who served and then went on to serve as Congressmen and Senators?

Bob Dole

John Glenn

Mike Coffman

Tom Cotton

The list is long and distinguished. How about this gentleman who sat on the city council with Salcido?

Well said, sir!

The more that Gary Sinise thought about the situation, the more perturbed he got. He sent this follow-up tweet out earlier this morning.

Baffling, misguided, and definitely not right.

Keep in mind, Salcido has been placed on administrative leave two other times for striking a student and inappropriate classroom conduct.

Gary Sinise is correct. Salcido can have his opinion. Others, including myself, agree. However…

Larry Wilson, a member of the Southern California News Group editorial board, wrote in the Los Angeles Daily News on Monday that “Salcido has the right to say anything he wants, so far as I’m concerned. And that includes in the classroom. Teachers don’t check their free-speech rights at the campus curb.”

But, Wilson added: “Free speech has its downsides — for the speaker. When you say something — many things — crazily inappropriate for the moment, as is your right, don’t be surprised when you then have to face the music in the concert hall of public opinion.”

Believe you me, I am NOT a fan of what Salcido said. First of all, I know far too many who have served or are serving that handle tasks, budgets, and situations that Salcido would never be capable of handling, and I’m not just talking combat situations, either. I’m talking medical, military equipment maintenance, military logistics, intelligence, security, and so much more. At the moment, I’d say trying to point out any of that to Salcido would be like beating one’s head against a brick wall.

Here’s my other problem with what Salcido did, and it is one Gary Sinise had a problem with, as well.

While in the classroom, operating in his role as a teacher, Salcido specifically directed his diatribe against a student. That is wrong on every level. What he did is a disservice to every outstanding teacher out there.

I couldn’t agree more.

Gregory Salcido slammed our military. In doing so he disrespected all those who both guarantee and understand that he has the right to be a disrespectful “dumb shit,” and lost Lt. Dan in the bargain.

I’d say Salcido’s career is effectively ruined, and he has only himself to blame.

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  • Bill says:

    how old is this dumbass teacher,and does he have a passport,he needs fired for swuch disrespect to or country,he could leave at any time and I’m sure he wouldn’t be missed

  • Rodney Davis says:

    The nature of public education is to take a captive audience and try to mold their minds. In most cases that is truly an educational process. In this case it’s just an individual agenda that doesn’t fit. He could have taken his diatribe to the streets and been applauded by some. As a teacher he has violated every trust and obligation required by all public education systems. He is by no means a teacher and should be fired. Period. USN Retired.

  • GWB says:

    Teachers don’t check their free-speech rights at the campus curb.
    Sorry, but I disagree. They are there to serve when in the classroom. They are not there to indoctrinate their students into their way of thinking, but to give them a foundation in the truth, and to teach them critical thinking skills, as well as the particular skills involved in that class. (As a history teacher, he is there to simply give facts, and little else. Critical thinking might be invoked to get students thinking about causes and effects.)

    A public school teacher serves the state and his community. In denigrating those who serve the community, he is undermining the cohesion necessary to that community. He should refrain from opining in almost every instance. When he does, it should only be as an exercise in critical thinking for the students.

    • Jim says:

      ‘A public school teacher serves the state and his community.”

      As a teacher of 50 years in the USA and Australia I agree. One may have a private opinion, but as a professional faced with a ‘captive’ and often naïve audience one has a duty to tread carefully and use one’s power and position to do more than indoctrinate. Objective, logical and analytical thinking seems to have been abandoned and replaced with the doctrinaire brainwashing so beloved of the ‘trendy’ socialist left. The consequences of any apparently new social initiative need to be examined at multiple levels and students made to think, rather than swallow ‘whole’ trendy doctrinal teaching by anyone. Students have to learn to learn and that is more than parroting facts or slogans.

    • Nina says:

      Thank you!

      He was there to give facts. Except that he had zero facts to give while uttering that diatribe and verbally attacking a student.

      A good teacher he is not!

  • Cameron says:

    My annoyance is with this point: If that student had stood up for himself and challenged that teacher, he’d be the one getting punished.

    Abuse of authority is a sign that this teacher needs to go.

  • Vick says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it folks. He wasn’t fired for racial comment during summer school, he wasn’t fired for slapping a student a few years back. So I think for the most part nothing is going to be done except the suspension until everything dies down and goes quiet. Because if you think this was bad, there’s another audio about him stating to his class that child porn should not be illegal. Look it up. It’s on YouTube people.

  • parker says:

    The time of tar, feathers, and rails is here. Stage 2, heads on pikes. It will get messy.

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