Wow, Meghan McCain is a COOL Republican!

Wow, Meghan McCain is a COOL Republican!

Wow, Meghan McCain is a COOL Republican!

I am getting so tired of her schtick. It’s really, really getting old. It’s been old.

Here she is, talking, like, omigod, about all the ways she’s, like, not a normal, like, Republican.

Because, what? Republicans don’t have tattoos? (Whoops for me.) Republicans don’t wear black? (Uh-oh again.) Republicans don’t have gay friends? (Crap, I’m really out of the club now!) In all seriousness, how does that go against the Republican stereotype? I have gay friends. I wear black. I have two tattoos and once had a nose ring (so THERE, Meghan). I do NOT, however, look at myself as some kind of atypical conservative Republican. I know that Republicans come in all different kinds of packages. WHAT IS THE POINT??

Really, someone, please shut her up. For her own good, just get her to stop making a fool out of herself. She keeps saying and doing idiotic things, like how she’s claiming she voted for Gore in 2000… even though she’s the same age as me, and we both were too young to vote in 2000. Sorry Meghan.

As Ace points out, this whole act has nothing whatsoever to do with helping the GOP to be stronger. Nope, it’s all about little Meggy-poo:

This is one of the worst kinds of “Republicans” — the kind who seeks approval by running the rest of them down. That doesn’t help the party. It only helps the person selling out everyone else in order to declare “But I’m not one of the bad ones!”

If she wanted to help the party, she could have noted that the silly shit she’s talking about applies to many Republicans. But she didn’t. It’s all about her and how cool she is.

She’s just like her father. She’s a Republican, but not one of those Republicans. By painting herself as some kind of alternative, hipster GOPer, she’s painting the average GOPer as square, dorky, old-fashioned, heartless… the typical rich old white guy label. Is she just too clueless to realize that, or does she not care? I really am curious about that.

Meghan McCain is just like Andrew Sullivan and Kathleen Parker. They’re so eager to be accepted by the Democrats that they’ll shed just about everything that has to do with being a Republican except the actual name.

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  • Big Al says:

    Trouble is, she’s not a republican and she doesn’t realize it. She may not be a democrat either, but just because you wanna be called something doesn’t make it so. Gotta kinda fit the program, so to speak.

  • Mat says:

    Meghan “like, oh my god” McCain is a spoiled, clueless, rich brat. Her opinions match those of Paris Hilton with the same amount of intellectual weight. End of story. Conservatives give her way more attention than she deserves.

  • Rob Farrington says:

    You had a nose ring?!? Piccies, please!

  • Mark says:

    Two tatties? Let me guess: USMC and an elephant kicking ass!

  • fozzy says:

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Unless that tree is on the edge of a cliff.

    I always thought that it was the dems who were narrow and dogmatic. Look what they did to Joe Leiberman.

  • Steve L. says:

    A gay woman has gay friends?!?!?! No way. I am amazed. Any time you have to announce that you have gay (black/jewish/hispanic.etc.) friends, you are saying it for credit. If they are really friends, it wouldn’t matter about their “status.”

  • physics geek says:

    Is it too much to hope that her 15 minutes will end soon? Because I find her tiresome. Don’t get me wrong, I like attractive women as much as the next guy. However, I like to hear something more than vapid musings from a third rate mind when they open their mouths.

    Let’s be clear: if her last name were Smith, she’d be just another anonymous Kos poster.

  • Mat says:

    fozzy, your point is, what exactly?….

  • Larry Sheldon says:

    The New Republicans speak Valley Girl?

    Gag me with….nevermind.

    She gives dumb blonds a bad name (I really don’t like the DB thing, and usually resist it, but dang she demands the label.

  • Instinct says:

    Wait… I like punk rock (Ramones, Black Flag, Dead Kennedy’s,) wear black, have friends of all varieties… shit, do I have to give back my “Old School Conservative” shirt now???

    I was talking to a classmate who said he was a Democrat, but the more we talked the more he was agreeing to everything I was advocating (smaller government, more local control, less federal intervention in the markets) I finally just said “Welcome to the conservative movement, glad to have you.”

  • fozzy says:

    Mat, should i, use, random…? punctuation just: like you do?

    The point is that she is exactly like her father. That is what the old adage about the apple not falling far means. She curries favour with the media by suckerpunching the Republicans. She also says that Republicans need a bigger tent, that they will reject anyone with different views. I think it’s the Dems that are narrow minded.

  • btenney says:

    Not a serious Political Figure. Not now, probably never. Showing your Ass is not Political discourse.

  • Oops….not only am I an artist but I have a tattoo and piercings so I guess I am out of the club. Oh well, who really wants to be in it at this point anyway?
    Maybe she’ll choke on a bon bon and have to shut up…..

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