World Crisis Of Refugees Is Here

World Crisis Of Refugees Is Here

World Crisis Of Refugees Is Here

We see the illegal immigrants flouting our nation’s laws and American values every day. We are the racists, we are told. Those crossing the border are just poor folk, women and children, fleeing violence and oppression. They have no choice. Bah, wrong. The world crisis of refugees is worse than you think and growing. The poor, wee military age men. You saw this yesterday.

The poor, wee military age men were afraid they wouldn’t get into the USA so they rushed the border and OUR son’s and daughters in the National Guard. The poor, wee, weak military aged men pushed through the gates and mauled our troops. Don’t believe the Democrat Media Industrial Complex, this is not a United States crisis. This is a World Crisis. Douglas Murray makes this point in relation to Sweden with his article in the New York Post “America, look at Sweden and beware the chaos of uncontrolled immigration”.

Murray begins by noting how difficult LEGAL immigration is to the United States. Three families in my neighborhood have waited more than a decade to bringing family over from Turkey, Syria and Guatemala. Murray then talks about the human excrement of the cartels who run these illegal programs:

merica only gets poorer from allowing this constant tide of human misery.

The only people who really benefit from it are the cartels. What an incentive structure to create.

Just this week, a Texas sheriff found an 18-year-old illegal immigrant at the southern border.

The young man had been wandering in the desert for two days, having been abandoned by the cartel he had given all his money to — $3,000, with another $3,000 to follow.

The gang had first tried to recruit him and then abandoned him.

“I want to go home to my mother,” he said as he wept.

What country would do this? Incentivize law-breaking while discouraging law-abiders?

To talk about this world crisis, Mr. Murray talks about Sweden, hmmpf, that’s just this tip of this iceberg:

In the past decade, Sweden — yes, lovely, allegedly perfect Sweden — did exactly that.

There was a time until very recently when Scandinavia was meant to be the answer for everything.

Whether it was trust, safety, health care or hot drinks — everything was meant to be better over there.

But then a decade ago, its left-wing government decided to reward anyone who just walked into the country.

It allowed in a similar percentage of the population as the US is now allowing in.

And that decision had consequences.

All the stories that Americans have been told not to talk about in recent years, the Swedes were likewise not meant to notice.

Sometimes it was the big, bearded men who came into the country and insisted that they were child refugees and promptly got enrolled in a classroom full of kids.

After all, what could go wrong with allowing adults from often dangerous countries to sit all day with a group of teenagers?


Sometimes it was the huge rise in rapes and sexual assaults.

One of the few surveys allowed in recent years discovered that 99 out of 112 gang rapists in Sweden had a foreign background.

But again, you weren’t meant to mention that. “So you’re saying all immigrants are rapists, are you?” was the sort of shout-down that went on.

That sounds familiar doesn’t it. I suspect many Swedes believe these immigrants are poisoning the blood of their country. Not because of their color, but because of their lack of Swedish values. Sweden is planning to launch a campaign to deter immigration. Denmark, Finland and Austria are planning to do the same. Now, Sweden is highly bifurcated (familiar, no). Sweden has become highly segregated with Whites segregated from immigrants. The problem stemmed from immigrants not fully integrated into Swedish society (Swedish values). This video explains:

Ah, us evil right-wingers. Other countries facing this world crisis include Ireland and Scotland who have been told they are TOO WHITE:

There was no crying when the “Ireland’s Too White” Prime Minister resigned after losing a referendum to redefine family (This is all so familiar).

Humza Yusaf, the Scottish Prime Minister thinks Scotland is too white, too, and his is going to police your thoughts:

Don’t feel alone the Immigrant World Crisis is in all the Major Western Countries. But do please stay alert.

Featured Image: Alisdare Hickson/ Commons

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  • Scott says:


  • Cameron says:

    “So you’re saying all immigrants are rapists, are you?” was the sort of shout-down that went on.

    Fine. I’ll say it and dare them to try to get me to feel anything other than contempt for them. I’ll look them in the eye and ask why they are perfectly fine with rape gangs and how accepting that is more important that being seen as racist.

    • Scott says:

      Nope, not all of them are rapists.. some are drug dealers, some are murderers, some just common criminals, and based on the massive increase in the number of military age males, I’m gonna bet a bunch of them are sleeper agents…

      Prove me wrong

      Deportation by trebuchet!

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