Speaker Chaos Redux: MTG Files Vacate Motion

Speaker Chaos Redux: MTG Files Vacate Motion

Speaker Chaos Redux: MTG Files Vacate Motion

Oh, dear Lord, not this crazy again. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has filed a motion to vacate the Speaker of the House over Mike Johnson’s push for the latest omnibus spending bill.

Are we really prepared to do this all over again?

Greene filed a motion to vacate the speaker as tensions flared over a vote on a $1.2 trillion spending bill, according to The Daily Caller. Johnson spearheaded negotiations over the bill, the last chance to avoid a government shutdown.

Greene spoke out against the bill from the House floor on Monday morning.

“No Republican in the House of Representatives can in good conscience vote for this bill. It is a complete departure from all of our principles,” Greene said. She specifically mentioned provisions of the bill that deal with abortion and border security.

“This bill will absolutely destroy our majority, and will tell every single one of our voters that this majority is a failure. This is the bill that the White House cannot wait to sign into law,” she said.

Greene reportedly did not mark the resolution privileged, a procedural tool that would then require House leadership to schedule a vote on the motion within two legislative days. She may mark the resolution as privileged later, however.

MTG claims that this is a “warning” and refused to commit to a timeline to remove Speaker Johnson.

Greene, who has emerged as a top critic of Johnson since he took the gavel in October, said she would not immediately trigger a vote on ousting the Speaker — “this is basically a warning” — but she asserted she may force a referendum on his standing in the House down the road.

“Today, I filed a motion to vacate after Speaker Johnson has betrayed our conference and broken our rules,” Greene told reporters on the steps of the Capitol.

“I respect our conference; I paid all my dues to my conference; I’m a member in good standing, and I do not wish to inflict pain on our conference and to throw the House in chaos,” she added. “But this is basically a warning, and it’s time for us to go through the process, take our time, and find a new Speaker of the House that will stand with Republicans in our Republican majority instead of standing with the Democrats.”

Pressed on when she would force a vote on Johnson’s removal, Greene said she didn’t “have a timeline” and noted it “will be a rolling issue that we’ll be judging and making decisions by.”

“I’m not saying that it won’t happen in two weeks, or it won’t happen in a month or who knows when, but I am saying the clock has started,” Greene said. “It’s time for our conference to choose a new Speaker.”

Now, I am not and have never been a fan of Marjorie Taylor Greene. Count me among those not happy about the current spending bill and the way these crap sandwiches get shoved down our throats with the threat of a government shutdown every single time. But blaming Speaker Johnson, when he has the world’s slimmest majority in the House? Filing this motion for attention, with absolutely NO ONE waiting in the wings to take on the thankless role of herding the Republican caucus? This is nothing more than attention seeking of the highest degree for MTG, because her actions continue to cast Republicans in the role of the Stupid Party.

If the congresswoman from Georgia hasn’t noticed, we are currently in the middle of a presidential election race. I assume that MTG wants Donald Trump to win, as she has consistently supported him. I also assume that she wants Trump to win and have a Republican majority to work with in the House and the Senate. Here’s a question: how do her actions today make that goal EASIER for the Republican party? The point is to first get elected, and then have a LARGER majority to work with. Not throw the caucus into the chaos that you claim you’re trying to avoid.

The most telling part about this entire stunt by Marjorie Taylor Greene? She was a staunch supporter of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy when he was first up for the Speaker’s gavel…

… and was furious when McCarthy was ousted.
Was her loyalty to Kevin McCarthy personal, not political, because he put her back on House committees, after she was first removed by Democrats? It seems likely. MTG was not part of the group that voted to remove McCarthy as Speaker, and she voted for Johnson, as did all the House GOP caucus.

Again, you can be upset about the spending bill, while also realizing that Speaker Johnson has zero wiggle room when it comes to losing votes. It would be great if the Republicans had a larger majority and the leverage to pressure Joe Biden and the Senate Democrats. Better yet would be having a Republican president to work with in constructing a new budget. Even better would be some realistic admissions that entitlement spending is TWO-THIRDS of the budget and is in desperate need of reform, and we’re just ignoring that in favor of bickering over the last third. But in the meantime, this just ends up looking like a publicity stunt by Marjorie Taylor Greene, and a distraction that the Republican party and Donald Trump really don’t need right now.

Featured image: composite image of Capitol building (via JamesDeMers on Pixabay, cropped, Pixabay license), Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (official Congressional portrait, public domain)

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  • John Shepherd says:

    Trump needs to weigh in on this because chaos in the House hurts his election prospects. If he is leader of the Party then lead.

  • Scott says:

    If Republicans keep voting along with Democrats to do things that Democrats want and the Speaker goes along with it, why would I need to vote for Republicans in the first place? I am so tired of this charade. Our side has never won one of these fights even when in charge. We need to once have the government ‘shut down’, and when we see nothing bad happens, the con will be over. Don’t criticize MTG for having a spine. Criticize The Speaker for lacking one.

    • BJ says:

      The US govt. has shut down at least 10 times in the last 40 years.


      It’s always the same. The govt. shuts down. People begin missing their SS checks, their parks, etc. The public gets angry. The public starts blaming the GOP. The govt. reopens and the GOP is worse off than before.

      “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

      • GWB says:

        I don’t think anyone has ever missed a SS check during a shutdown. There are safeguards that prevent that.

        Remember the “shutdowns” under 0bama? Yeah, the ones where they closed all the parks (which don’t really require funding to be open) so they could have propaganda points to scare the public? I do. And every other scare tactic (including claims of losing your SS) EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  • Lloyd says:

    The House is a mess. Republicans squandered a chance to do good things for America. Instead…they chose to bicker among themselves, and just might help to get Biden elected again…Sad!

    • GWB says:

      So, instead of bickering, they should have… what? Settled on doing what the Dems wanted?
      The bickering is primarily about where their priorities should be as a party, and establishing that there ought to be a difference between Dems and Republicans besides how fast the Progressive agenda gets done.

  • Hate_me says:

    Shut it down.

    If it’s “damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” then, dammit, stop throwing money at it.

    • John Shepherd says:

      Populists don’t want to win. They want to kill the Republican Party and take over the corpse. Then we can have a ultimate battle between the Mussolini and Marxist wings of the left for power.and control.

  • Taylor says:

    Great job Matt Gaetz!

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