Women Who Want Women for Intimate Care are “Psychotic”

Women Who Want Women for Intimate Care are “Psychotic”

Women Who Want Women for Intimate Care are “Psychotic”

Thank the Lord for J.K. Rowling’s fearlessness in confronting the latest Trans-cult claim. NOW women who request women for intimate care — female doctors or attendants for bathing in nursing homes — are “disgusting” and “psychotic”.

While Rowling is a liberal, she also has shown she will not be shoved into submission when it comes to women’s rights.


Many agreed with Rowling’s statement, however, weighing in to say it is perfectly reasonable for women to prefer female doctors for some of their care needs.

“How can anyone even have an issue with this?” one user replied to Rowling. “In my early adult life I worked at retirement homes. If certain old ladies only wanted females to shower them or help with post-toilet hygiene, then it’s just “okay ma’am lemme get one of the girls.”

Who knows if “Dr. Māorio, MD” is a medical doctor? A quick perusal of the ‘net seems to indicate some white guy in Auckland who may be into cultural appropriation while displaying an Irish flag. He is reliably “woke” enough that hating on women who won’t consent to having their vulvas washed by stranger males is a given.

Dr. EM, though, was banned from Medium for the audacity of challenging those demands and explaining why

If me speaking about what it is like to live with a severe disability is ‘disgusting’ to you because I required female only care I don’t think the problem is with my outlook but yours. I had no knowledge or say in who was caring for me, being in a coma. When I was awake I did have male and female nurses change my tubes, feed me, look after me. The NHS is staffed by super heroes. What I was talking about was the need for female only intimate care. I described how as a schoolgirl I was stripped naked and washed by strangers, for months. How I hated it and couldn’t communicate my distress nor move my body away and how it has had a lasting impact. The term ‘intimate care’ obscures what we are talking about. I still get a sense of deep shame and hurt to tell people this. It is not just one’s back, legs and other limbs which are washed, it is your vulva, your breasts. Strangers are touching these parts of you. What about my humanity? My last shred of dignity? This was distressing enough with same-sex nurses, can you imagine what it would have been like having an unknown male do this to me?

What in the name of all that is holy is the idea that women who want intimate care from other women is in any way controversial?

As we’ve written numerous times before, trans ideology is decidedly misogynist. It has empowered males, by magic rainbow emanations of declaring their girlhood, to bully women and girls, even in intimate settings. Whether it was the notorious ‘Jessica’ Yaniv trying to get women estheticians to wax his female scrotum to California law to house males, even convicted sex offenders, in women’s prisons cuz identity, this submission to “trans inclusivity” is disastrous to women’s rights.

The woke transcult is a subsidiary of the radical Left. It is a decidedly illiberal and anti-Western civilization movement. This is why even reliably liberal figures, like J.K. Rowling, Dave Rubin, Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Sullivan, Naomi Wolf and others, are being attacked as they refused to board the crazy train into the far-left realm of complete cultural authoritarianism.

This latest skirmish on Twitter is another crateful of canaries warning you that it must be resisted and turned into nothing more than a historical footnote.

Trans-identity in the law must now be overturned. Sex is real. Gender is subjective role-play and you’re free to knock yourself out applauding little cosplayers who know how to scam the woke for their 15 minutes of fame and fawning.

boy in red dress

But the misogyny and homophobia among the New Queer jackboots has serious consequences. They wouldn’t play nice and just live-and-let-live. So this is where we are — where even intimate care for women and girls is to be dismissed if it causes even a minute of inconvenience to any male claiming to be a woman.

No more fake pro-nouns. No more males in women’s sports. No more males as “Best Woman X”. No more males in women’s prisons, shelters, gyms, girls’ lockerrooms and school restrooms.

No more legal standing for LARPers.

#Resist #RememberInNovember

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  • Dana says:

    Your phrase, “What in the name of all that is holy,” reveals the problem: to the left, nothing is holy.

    • On the contrary, MANY things are holy to the Left.

      Marx brought the Word.
      His disciples Vladimir, Josef, Mao, Fidel, Che, and Hugo spread it to the far corners of the Earth.
      Abortion is a sacramental action.
      Overdosing on drugs, or dying in a shootout with a teenager or cops, is martyrdom for the faith.

  • Cameron says:

    “No more legal standing for LARPers.”

    And statements like that are exactly why I read this site.

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  • Scott says:

    No more sad ugly ( mass murdering) dudes pretending to be female Admirals?

  • Redwisconsin says:

    The left has gone beyond fantasy into enforced madness. What began as sexual perversion and was rightfully diagnosed as mental illness has evolved into a new political ‘civil right’ with which to assault and suppress society at large and conservatives in general.
    Do not forget that gender identity disorder was diagnosed as mental Illness until 2013 when activists changed a psychological definition and released Pandora’s box of they/their pronouns, trans story hour and open grooming of children to alter sexual identity in grade schools.
    These people are evil and totalitarian and will not back down but require constant resistance on all fronts!

  • John Wright says:

    Someone define for me the difference between drag queens crossdressing versus blackface in minstrel shows.

    If dressing and acting in mockery of another race insults that race, how is dressing and acting in mockery of another sex glorify that sex? If a debutante wearing a Mandarin gown to a prom is cultural appropriation, how is Bruce Jenner wearing a debutante gown not sexual appropriation?

  • GettingFedUp says:

    Remember ages ago when there were just two sexes and everyone knew what sex he or she was? Back then, it was considered perfectly normal for a woman to say that she preferred a female gynecologist. No one thought she was hateful for saying so. Now, with the trans craze, what was perfectly normal becomes “psychotic.” Someone is psychotic; that’s for sure.

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