Why are women so ho-hum about the first female presidential nominee?

Why are women so ho-hum about the first female presidential nominee?

Why are women so ho-hum about the first female presidential nominee?

Hillary is a victim of the success of the feminist movement. She has peaked a little too late to be anything special, but a lot of feminists are calling out women for being ungrateful, or simply ignorant.

So, why aren’t all women excited about Hillary becoming poised to be the first woman president of the United States? Because feminism has worked.


The feminists have been successful in changing the thinking of people – as in why shouldn’t there be a woman president? Of course there could be a woman president. Maybe for some women of all ages, and for many women over a certain age, this is a big deal. It is not for me. Maybe I’d be celebrating that “first woman” fact if it was actually a woman I liked, but I’d rather celebrate having a president that I liked regardless of gender. For me, being a woman is just a bonus, not a prerequisite. In order for this to be celebrated, the woman should be stellar! (Hillary, sorry, but I will never put your name and stellar in the same sentence. But I will put these two words together: #NeverHillary.)

See, feminists have been so successful that they’ve made the presence of a woman in typically male dominated environments an everyday occurrence, nothing special, nothing to see here, move along. It’s too bad that they can’t see what they’ve accomplished. Instead they are now swinging the pendulum back toward regression, and have returned to victim narratives to continue to try to highlight the near-nonexistent plight of women in America – campus rape culture, binders full of women, war on women, wage gap, slut-shaming, victim shaming. Feminists are like the race-baiters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, trying to keep their livelihoods on life support by refusing to recognize that the election of Barack Obama DID say something about lack of racism in America. Feminists peddle lies that are well past their sell-by date and unfortunately will continue to damage the psyche of young girls too far into the known future.

Hillary’s video at the DNC ended with her breaking through a glass ceiling. How completely passé. Hillary’s glass ceiling was actually broken decades ago – the term was first used in the 1970s. Hillary is clearly stuck there, and I would guess that’s why her biggest supporters are women her age. Those ladies need to get with it and open their eyes to where the American woman is today, and has been for a long time.

The first time I can recall being at all aware of the “struggle” was when I was one of just a few women in my college Naval ROTC unit, and the only woman who had chosen the Marine option. A senior female called me over during drill and asked me if I knew the significance of the year 1970? The year was 1987. I did not know, so she explained to me that it was the year that women were finally admitted in large numbers to ROTC programs – programs that train military officers. At that point I then became aware that I was no longer an individual trying to do the best I could, I was representative of the entire female population. How unfair!

Yes, thank you feminists, – a hearty, heart-felt thank you! – for your work in changing stereotypical attitudes about the aptitude and capabilities of women. But now it is time to rest on your laurels. The problems that exist today with regard to discrimination against women are minimal and individualized, and no amount of equality shaming is going to make the world a perfect place.

Now, it is time to take up a truly empowering issue – teach women they are not victims, that they do not need government or anyone else to protect them. Teach women that they are more than just their lady parts – that they should think with their brain and not anything else. But also teach them to embrace the special gifts they have as women, and show them how to appreciate all the things they can do that men cannot.

Feminists, you’ve lost focus and now have to make up issues of discrimination to try to keep your cause alive. But your cause is dead! It’s not a sad death, not one to be mourned, but instead you should celebrate because we no longer need it around. Take a line from your favorite community organizer: You won! You should be happy that you can lay down your picket sign and put your bra back on – or not! Who cares?!



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