Will we have to tell our children that we lost our Constitutional Republic?

Will we have to tell our children that we lost our Constitutional Republic?

Our Constitution is in danger folks
Our Constitution is in danger folks

So am I the only one who has been feeling a little like Lady Liberty is dangling over a cliff, grasping for purchase with her ragged fingernails while sweating bullets over the future of our beloved Constitutional Republic? Well if you hadn’t been before, you should be now. Late this afternoon a friend posted this a link to this article.

In short the author of this article is educating citizens about some very serious shifts in power that are going on in our country that may affect all of the Sheriff’s in this nation. Now, most of you might not even know who your Sheriff is. You should know though that these folks are some very powerful law enforcement officers. Recently, someone brought the focus back on Sheriff’s and that someone is Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller. If that name sounds familiar, it should. He gained fame, whether he wanted it or not, when he wrote a letter to Vice President Joe Biden saying that he would refuse to enforce any gun laws that are unconstitutional in his county. He posted it on Facebook and it set the country on fire!

Prior to Sheriff Mueller’s letter writing, I honestly had no idea what Sheriff’s did outside of being another type of law enforcement officer. Now, I know that they are incredibly powerful individuals since they have special powers. Did you know they are NOT required to enforce Federal laws in their jurisdictions? Neither did I. I am certainly no legal scholar but I thought that Federal law always trumped state law-evidently I was wrong in that perception too since that is not always the case.

Now since I am hardly qualified to compose a legal treatise on this I will simply state this fact-no citizen of this country can afford to remain ignorant of what their local government is up to in this day and age. Forcible disarmament of civilian populations by governments never end well, see here for a frightening list of genocides that followed disarmament of civilian populations.

Please stay up to date on what is happening to your Constitutionally protected rights, and remember that history repeats itself and we hold the key to breaking the pattern. Abraham Lincoln said it best when he said  

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Let’s not be the ones who let Lady Liberty plummet to her death on the rocks below that cliff.

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  • Elm Creek Smith says:

    My children are grown, but I have my grandchildren to consider. Fortunately, I won’t have to explain it to my grandchildren. I’ll die first.

    Just sayin’.


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