When Do Biden’s Gaffes Become Truth?

When Do Biden’s Gaffes Become Truth?

When Do Biden’s Gaffes Become Truth?

At what point do Biden’s gaffes become truth? It almost happened Monday.

Standing before the press at a podium on Monday, Biden is not looking at a teleprompter, he’s not looking at notes, and Jill Biden is not helicoptering nearby to stop him from speaking. What could go wrong? Better question, could this be when things go right for middle class Americans?

You heard it folks, no taxes for those making under $400,000. Not a penny. Bonus – no increase in the deficit either. We can agree that ship sailed with the record-breaking trillions in deficit spending Biden’s administration has done in the first hundred days.

Did you catch that? Not “no new taxes”, but “no taxes”. Even more specific “not one penny”.

Twitter fact checkers must have been out of their living rooms Monday afternoon. The flurry of misinformation regarding such a gaffe spread across social media nonstop. In recent months, Twitter has taken a hard stand on misinformation; deleting 170,000 accounts regarding COVID misinformation, deleting information regarding India’s recent COVID response, Trump’s own picture of himself for copyright infringement before he was banned permanently from Twitter. You can’t let anything get by Twitter, unless of course, you’re Joe Biden and you can’t piece two thoughts together.

Twitter isn’t perfect of course. They keep monetized child porn accounts active for their own financial gain and are being sued for it. But tax breaks for everyone? Nah, let that go.

The White House released the transcript of the presser, gaffe included, with no edits. Is this the point when the gaffes become truth? This taxpayer certainly wants to know. It’s as if the entire American population has one singular pink elephant in the room — we all excuse Biden’s gaffes because we have all grown accustomed to them happening every time he speaks publicly between naps. However, Monday’s was the first time his gaffe, if true, has a direct impact, in a positive way, on every American’s pocketbook.

So can someone please correct the gaffe? Every other president before this one, no matter what side of the aisle, would be held to a standard of keeping their word, or correcting their mistake. So which is it?

The White House could have certainly put in an asterisk referencing the actual tax plan Biden has.

Oh wait. There really isn’t one.

The administration has made it clear, until today (kind of), they are still working out the details of the president’s tax plan.

About a week ago, the plan was to not tax “anyone” making under $400,000 annually.

A month ago, the plan was to tax “households” making more than $400,000. Video of the president falling up the stairs of Air Force One took over the newsfeeds for anyone to notice.

Whatever. Let those inside the District of Columbia beltway decide how to slice up what little is left of the decimated American economy.

Others are looking for to not paying “one penny” in taxes.

Precisely, the gaffes are “probably on purpose”. At some point, they become truth. After all, the progressive fact checkers and White House aren’t putting out a correction. Why not?

Feature Photo Credit: Joe Biden – Caricature by Donkey Hotey via Flickr, cropped and modified, CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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