Wendy Davis: Pelosi Fan or Opportunist?

Wendy Davis: Pelosi Fan or Opportunist?

Wendy Davis: Pelosi Fan or Opportunist?

Former Texas state senator Wendy Davis found a way to become relevant once again by championing Nancy Pelosi’s 8-hour filibuster in support of the Dreamers last week. Davis, who pretty quickly fell off the political map after her loss to Gregg Abbott in 2014, took to The Hill to not only support Pelosi and Dreamers, but to push her own qualifications. The question is for what? Is she hoping to make another run for office or is this simply an attempt to become “news” again to help drum up support for the Sandra Bullock movie about her?

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For those who don’t remember Davis, she’s the former Texas state senator who made headlines back in 2013 for her 11-hour filibuster of a proposed anti-abortion bill. The media had a heyday covering her – and her red tennis shoes – speech. After that speech, Davis’ popularity, at least with the media and liberals, rose and she decided the time was right to run for governor. She lost, which really didn’t surprise many except the media and the liberal feminists who blamed white female voters. Davis subsequently sold her Fort Worth home (making news once again by having a “moving sale” where she sold those red tennis shoes and more) and moved to Austin. Since then, she’s been fairly quiet – until recently where, with the emergence of the #MeToo movement, she’s once again been making the rounds of talk shows, interviews and even parades, flogging her pet political stances of abortion rights and equality.

Davis assumes she knows what motivated Pelosi to speak as she did. One reason is “the hard, honest work of the Dreamers who call America their home merits the reward of them staying here.” Of course, Davis ignores the fact that not all Dreamers have worked hard. Yes, some have but others have not. She also ignores the fact that DACA was never meant to be a permanent means for Dreamers to remain in the United States. But then, facts that don’t follow the narrative have never been favored by liberals on a mission like Pelosi or Davis.

However, one part of Davis’ post stood out.

But perhaps more than that (and the reason that I currently spend my days working to empower women’s voices in the political conversation) Pelosi was likely also motivated by that fact that she is a mom. And it was the mom in her, as much if not more so, than the American in her that prompted her to rise and speak for an extended time on behalf of a group of kids who’ve done all they were asked and yet, somehow, have found themselves political pawns in a Trumpian-contrived game.

There is so much in this one paragraph, I’m not sure where to begin. The first is how Davis, as she so often does, manages to pimp herself in an article that is supposed to be about Pelosi’s defense of the Dreamers. Could it be she is priming the pump for a future political run? It certainly sounds like it. Then there’s the fact she comes right out and says Pelosi was motivated because she’s a mother and that, probably more than the fact she’s an American, inspired her to act. If a man said something like that, he’d be pilloried as a sexist. Yet no liberal is calling Davis out for this any more than they are calling Pelosi out for her comments about her grandson wanting to have brown skin and eyes like his friend Antonio as being racist. Then there’s her “Trumpian-contrived game” comment. How conveniently they all forget where this “game” began and how their own party failed to insure the Dreamers were protected when they held power. Of course, it is always easier to assign blame than to take responsibility.

Davis is all for empowering women and giving them a voice. Honestly, that’s something many of us can get behind, as long as we aren’t castrating the rest of our society in the process. However, for women to be truly empowered, we can’t forget there are more issues to be considered than just DACA and abortion. That’s something Davis and those like her have done. “And like Leader Pelosi, they [women running for office this year] bring with them the wisdom to know when to draw a line in the sand and fight, rather than compromise. Especially when there are kids’ futures at stake.”

Here’s my question for not only Pelosi but for Davis as well: If you are so concerned about the future our kids will face, why try to hold up a finance bill that will help fund our military, education and healthcare, infrastructure support and so much more over the single issue of the Dreamers? Are they more important than all the other children in this country?

The answer, of course, is not. But Dreamers, like the #MeToo movement, are vocal and the liberals are looking for votes and headlines. They aren’t concerned with the future beyond the next election cycle.

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