Ways to Prevent Rape: A Few Global Ideas

Ways to Prevent Rape: A Few Global Ideas

Victory Girls has been made aware of some new ways to prevent rape.  As a public service, we’ve decided to share these with you in case the whole “pee or vomit on your attacker” thing doesn’t appeal to you.   Who needs a whistle when your legs are super hairy?  …wait…what?

Leave it to the Chinese to think this is fashionable, but apparently “hair stockings” are all the rage in China, where they’re being called “Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out.”   Gotta love Engrish.  Anyway, these stockings make you look like you might attend the Sasquatch Family Reunions every June.  That’s sure to stop your typical sexual sadist, right?  Order several pairs.  They shed.  (“Did you get a dog?”….”No, I’m preventing rape.”)  Don’t forget…they’re summer stockings.  Sweat not included.

In South Africa, they’ve been using razor condoms for a while.  These are like lampreys for your…well, you get the idea.  Reminds me of the traps for raccoons back home in the woods…but I digress. If the hair doesn’t stop him, the razors will, undoubtedly.  They’ve also taken to having workshops, where men can “relate better to others, have greater respect for women and communicate more effectively.”  I bet that’s incredibly effective…said no one ever.

Personally (and predictably), I think I’ll stick to the method below.




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  • Dana says:

    Ahhh, well when they got rid of the virtually mandatory unisex Mao suits, and Chinese women started wearing skirts . . . .

    While nothing justifies rape, one hugely important fact is that the Chinese one-child-per-woman policy, combined with the societal preference for sons over daughters and the free abortion service has led to a very unbalanced demographic, in which males significantly outnumber females, and many men will never have a chance to settle down and have a family. This leads to increasing violence and lawlessness. That rape would be apart of increasing lawlessness is hardly surprising.

  • My younger daughter uses the KelTec P-11 method of rape prevention in conjuction with lots of sharp things and combatives taught by an old retired combat arms soldier. (Read this last as dirty fighting with the sole goal of killing or permanently disabling your opponent.)

    My older daughter is married to a combat veteran and has her own arsenal of goodies and skills.

    My granddaughter is very petite, but she handles my Ruger Mini-14 with aplomb. We’re working towards handguns, but at my house she’d get the evil black rifle option.


  • Edd says:

    She needs a bit of work on her grip – but her eyes are looking okay.

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