Washington State Imposes New Rules and Sanctions to Cater to Transgenders

Washington State Imposes New Rules and Sanctions to Cater to Transgenders

Washington State Imposes New Rules and Sanctions to Cater to Transgenders

The old Vulcan proverb has been flipped on its head. The needs of the few now outweigh the needs of the many. In this case, it is the Washington State Human Rights commission who has decided that transgender rights are superior to all others.

Coming to a bathroom near you
Coming to a bathroom near you
The New York Times attempted to quantify the number of the transgender people in the United States this last June.

Since the Social Security Administration started in 1936, 135,367 people have changed their name to one of the opposite gender, and 30,006 also changed their sex accordingly, the study found. Of Americans who participated in the 2010 census, 89,667 had changed their names and 21,833 had also changed their sex.

If we take the largest number (135,367 people) in a country of 300 million people, we are talking about a transgendered population of… 0.045 percent. Less than half of one percent. This is not to say that each individual represented in that 0.045% is not worth consideration. It DOES mean that, statistically speaking, laws and policies that are being rewritten for that percentage’s benefit are going to disproportionately affect the 99.955% who are NOT transgendered.

But what government agency, given the chance to be politically correct, would ever consider the needs of the majority? Bureaucracy is designed to aid the minority, not the majority. So the Washington State Human Rights commission has imposed new rules and new groupthink on employers and public entities. The long and the short of it is that employers and all public entities must believe the word of anyone who claims that they are transgender, and you may not offend them by implying otherwise, or you risk sanctions or fines as imposed by the Human Rights commission (an unelected committee). The only time that these rules can be disregarded is after the fact; meaning that once an overt or violent act has occurred, then the word of the transgendered person can be doubted. Instead of being proactive in favor of privacy, these new impositions make all laws regarding privacy reactive in favor of inclusion. (The new rules were left deliberately gray when it came to public schools, implying that all will be well until a single school is subject to the tyranny of the individual and someone will need to be sent to a reeducation cornfield.)

All for less than half of one percent of the population. And if you object, then you are obviously transphobic and lack basic empathy for what these poor people are suffering, you hater. So what if people lie to abuse the rules? The Human Rights commission has DONE THEIR JOB! For the less than half of one percent of the population!

Fortunately, there may be a shred of sanity left in Washington state.

State Rep. Graham Hunt, R-Orting… plans to introduce a bill next week that would let public or private entities limit access to gender-specific facilities — including restrooms, showers, locker rooms and saunas — for those people who have not undergone sex reassignment surgery.

“If they have genitalia that’s different from that of which the facility is segregated, they have no right of access, and the public or private entity that has the facility has the right to segregate it,” he told KIRO Radio.

Hunt said the whole idea is to prevent people who are preoperative or non-operative from accessing facilities and violating privacy concerns of others.

“If you’re saying it’s about one person’s comfort that shouldn’t take precedence over another, than why are you pushing this rule?” he asked. “Because this is saying that their comfort is over somebody else’s comfort.”

Here’s hoping there’s more than a shred of sanity left in the Washington State legislature to override and modify the unelected Human Rights commission.

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