Voter Guide from a Red Lady in a Blue State

Voter Guide from a Red Lady in a Blue State

Voter Guide from a Red Lady in a Blue State

A conservative living in deep-blue California isn’t given a lot of options when it comes to voting. It doesn’t help that our state Republican Party has wandered in the wilderness, sometimes in self-exile, for years. However, we muddle along, tilting at windmills and occasionally slaying a giant. So, dear voter, I’m here to give my recommendations, such as they are.


I don’t know one Californian who isn’t aware of the open cesspit that used to be San Francisco. The third-world slum conditions are so bad that there’s even an app to track feces on the street. So to vote for former SF mayor Gavin Newsom is to approve of shoving the rest of California to Frisco’s level. Newson is so sure of his coronation, he didn’t even submit a candidate statement for the official voter guide. What a guy!

Republican John Cox doesn’t exactly light up any stage when he appears, but he’s a successful businessman who was able to garner the 2nd spot in the jungle primary. He has an excellent grasp of California issues and represents a small roadblock to an out-of-control socialist legislature. Voting for Cox is the only intelligent choice.


For any sane California voter, this race is like being asked “Do you want to die by fire or drowning”? On one hand you have Dianne Feinstein, old, corrupt & up to her jowls in the dirtiest attempt at character assassination lobbed at a Supreme Court nominee. On the other hand, there’s Kevin [de] Leon, a snot-nosed, puerile con-artist. A man who bragged that half his family was illegal and had used faked or stolen ID – and that was just a-ok. Even his name is fake. I cannot recommend voting for either piece of canine excrement. The only advantage of having Leon win is that as a Senate newbie, he won’t have any power as opposed to the old crone’s positions on several key committees.

Other Offices

From Lt Governor to Congressional member down to your local Assembly member, Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Democrat. You witnessed the Democrats’ unforgivable behavior during the Kavanaugh hearings. From Mad Maxine Waters to I-am-Spartacus Booker to Hillary Clinton herself, Democrats publically call for harassment, intimidation and physical violence against Republicans. My dear voter, is that the party you want to run the government?

No honest American can cast a vote for any Democrat this cycle and not be at least partially responsible for any violence that follows.


This year’s slate of propositions, if you pay attention to the real backgrounds and not the written summaries, can be dispensed with quite easily.

1, 2, 3 & 4 are all billion dollar bond measures. All have heart-tugging, feel-good titles and summaries. California has the highest taxes in the nation. Tax/fee/Fed revenue into the state is about 420 BILLION Dollars … and yet to hear the Democrats bleat, it isn’t enough.

It is never “enough”. And like Charlie Brown always believing Lucy will not pull the football this time, too many Californians actually believe the money they vote out of their children’s future income will actually be spent the way the Reprobate Party promises it will.

Vote NO on all … ALL … bond, sales tax, fee measures. Period.

5 – this measure allows seniors to take their property tax bill from their current home to a new residence. It will allow for more mobility options when seniors need to move for health reasons. I can see both sides in this situation, however, I don’t think this is necessary.

6 – I recommend a resounding YES! But I also need to explain why “Yes” on a measure entitled “Eliminates Certain Road Repair and Transportation Funding” …what? I don’t want potholes repaired?? This is another Democrat dirty trick. Our hack Attorney General is the person in charge of putting the voting guide together and he gets to pick the titles and write the summary. Even though this grassroot proposition has always been known a “Repeal the Gas Tax” after the legislature pulled off shoving in a new and onerous tax in 2017, the Democrats are out to defeat it by any means necessary, including putting in deceptive title and summary. Make no mistake, VOTE YES ON 6.

7 – Daylights saving – CA would like to be on daylights saving year round, but at this time federal law won’t allow it. This prop would authorize the Legislature to take the next step if sometime in the future the feds change their law. Weird, but I say vote “no”. We can opt to say on standard time year round like Arizona and Hawaii, but staying on DST would really put California out of sync with the nation. (insert obligatory crazy CA joke here)

8 – NO, this measure wants to cap how much outpatient kidney dialysis clinics charge. Does no one study economics and human behavior anymore? Having the government dictate price is to ensure fewer clinics. Is that helpful to dialysis patients? Sheesh.

9 – Oops…nothing there. This would have been the prop to divide CA into 3 states but was removed by order of the CA Supreme Court. As emotionally satisfying to break up this mental asylum we call a state, it would have produced at least 2 mental asylums and 1 recovering survivor.

10 – NO NO NO – rent control never works. It is a taking from the property owner and hands more power to the government.

11 – NO – this is another deceptive proposition. For all the blather about having EMTs/Paramedics on-call during lunch breaks, guess what? They already are! Want to find out what this is really about is to follow the money. About $20 million of it pour in by AMR (American Medical Response) who wants not to pay extra for missed meal breaks and, there it is in the fine print, wants to rid itself of any pending lawsuit for back pay. Unfortunately, this measure caught a lot of emergency professionals flatfooted and they didn’t submit a summary nor figured out how to oppose it in the media.

12 – FREEBIRD!! Oh, wait, hang on. This proposition is about all chickens in CA being free range by 2021 and no chicken or egg sold in CA, whether inside or outside of the state, comes from anything but free range. Can we say “higher food prices”? Count me voting “No” on this one.

So that’s it in a nutshell (yes, another swipe at Cali, how did you guess?) Oh there’s a lot more local stuff. My general rule of thumb is that you don’t give the government one more dime. After that, you need to do a little due diligence on your local city council critters, county supervisors, sheriffs and district attorneys.

Another bit of advice – if you have a mail in ballot – DO NOT MAIL IT. Stop by your polling place, walk in and place it in the box.

Do it after work. Then you can go home and make yourself a drink. You live in California, you’ll need it.

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  • Bobby Ahr says:

    On the chickens, yes. So, you will pay a little more for your eggs. Boo hoo.

  • GWB says:

    For any sane California voter
    You would move on outta there, Jed! But make sure you get de-louseddemocrated once you cross the state line. Don’t bring any of that crazy with you. (We got enough troubles of our own.)

    “Do you want to die by fire or drowning”?
    Give me a gun, then ask that question again.
    “Do you want to die by …” BLAM BLAM Neither.

    And Bobby Ahr is obviously a progressive who believes he should make decisions for everyone based on his opinion of what is good and right, instead of freedom.

    • “If Californians would rather die,” said Bobby, “they had better do it, and reduce the surplus population.”

      Every tax increase on food, gas, etc. – hits the poor hardest, the middle class hard, and the wealthy not at all.

  • rockysan says:

    My wife and I left California when we retired but moved to Hawaii to help care for aging family. We no longer have to deal with California politics and idiot policies. Unfortunately, Hawai’i is certainly trying to give Cali a run for its money. Hawai’I is the land of Maze Hirono and Brian Schatz, two of the most dull and truly unaccomplished politicians around. Thankfully, when we sold our home in California, we purchased a home in the free state of Texas. God willing and the river don’t rise, we should be in Texas in the next year or two.

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