VG at CPAC 2022: Josh Hawley Calls Out Joe Biden Bigly

VG at CPAC 2022: Josh Hawley Calls Out Joe Biden Bigly

VG at CPAC 2022: Josh Hawley Calls Out Joe Biden Bigly

Political conferences and conventions are meant to fire up the base with the red meat they need to keep them engaged until the next election. The teacher’s lounge crowd show as much disdain for these shows as they do for Walmart Shoppers. The political conferences are a necessity and that is why both parties call on their fresh young faces to get everyone going. In the fire department, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley was en fuego.

Hawley was passionate and straight forward in laying the blame for absolutely everything in the United States that is going to excrement. Hawley’s speech ran just over thirteen minutes and it was a barn burner. The blame does belong to Biden, but if our own people don’t tell the 100%, fourteen carat, solid gold truth, they are just as responsible. Let’s watch Hawley’s speech and see what he missed.

After a nod to January 6, 2021 and election integrity, Hawley says what we are all thinking: No one thought that Joe Biden would be this bad of a President. As bad as we thought it would be, no one could have predicted the depths of Biden’s fecklessness. The Senator recounts Merrick Garland (thank Mitch McConnell that Garland isn’t on the Supreme Court) turning the Department of Justice on school parents. He reminds us that not only is our Southern Border wide open, but that it is controlled by the Mexican Cartels. Next on the list was the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that killed Americans, and left Americans and equipment behind. “The worst foreign policy disaster since the Vietnam War.” And, that’s true.

It’s also true that Joe Biden’s puppet masters are trying to shove Critical Race Theory into every facet of American life, from schools to the military.

And, then Hawley got to the heart of the matter. Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline and halted leases for drilling on Federal lands. Your lands and my lands. At the same time, Biden approved the Nord Stream II pipeline from Russia. Hawley called on Biden to have faith in the American people and open up the pipelines to make us energy independent once again.

Hawley said in his speech that on Monday he will introduce legislation in the Senate to open up American energy and put American workers back to work supplying energy to the world. But, Hawley missed something there. We import 209,000 barrels of Russian oil per day, into this country. Let me type that unbelievable statement again. We import 209,000 barrels of Russian oil per day, into this country. Un-effing-believable. Why isn’t every elected GOP official pounding that. We are supplying the petrodollars to fund the Russian soldiers fighting against Ukraine.

Hawley did mention it when he spoke to Fox Digital later on at CPAC 2022:

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley is rolling out a measure next week that would “shut down Russian energy production” and lift regulations on the U.S. energy sector imposed by the Biden administration, while saying Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine is a “consequence” of President Biden’s policies.

During an interview with Fox News Digital on the sidelines of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Hawley, R-Mo., detailed legislation he plans to introduce Monday that would address what he called Biden’s “major strategic error.”

“The basic idea, we need to shut down Russian energy production. We need to open up our own,” Hawley said. “Joe Biden has made a major strategic error. He’s done the exact opposite—he came into office, lifted sanctions on the Russian energy pipeline that just stuffed dollars in Putin’s pocket. And he shut down ours.”

Hawley said the bill would lift the various regulations and “stop measures” that Biden imposed on American energy production upon taking office.

“He canceled pipelines, he stopped oil and gas leases, he imposed new regulations,” Hawley said. “The effect of it has been to make us no longer energy independent, but, in fact, to make us energy-dependent now on nations like Russia.”

Hawley criticized Biden for “begging” the 14-nation OPEC to increase oil production into the global market.

“That was before this Ukrainian crisis. Who benefits from this? Vladimir Putin,” Hawley said. “So now, it is time to show some resolve with Putin and to show him we’re not just going to allow him to have his energy sector.”

Yes. This. This. This. The environmental whackos won’t understand. They will think as long as we don’t drill on our soil it’s all good.

Well done, Josh Hawley and everyone at CPAC 2022 opening day, but pound this point home, please. We are giving Russia the money to take over Ukraine and possibly fight us one day. Almost everyone can understand that. Almost.

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  • George V says:

    The senator is right – energy policies enabled Putin. It’s not the 200+ thousand barrels the US imports. It’s the $100/barrel price that gives Putin the cash flow to support his plans. And since he’s gotten Europe hooked on his natural gas, instead of developing their own resources, he’s in the catbird seat. Had Europe been more suspicious of Russia, maintaining some energy independence, and had the US maintained a policy of energy independence, this war would not have happened.

    I guess this is the first real climate crisis.

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