Veterans Descend on D.C.; Second Protest and BarryCade Redistribution Planned for Tuesday

Veterans Descend on D.C.; Second Protest and BarryCade Redistribution Planned for Tuesday

Veterans Descend on D.C.; Second Protest and BarryCade Redistribution Planned for Tuesday

In a second (third, fourth, fifth?) round of blatant provocation lobbed at our veterans and political dissenters from behind the opaque walls of the hyper-partisan White House, the Obama Administration wasted no time re-erecting the barricades blocking our memorials, all at the hands of supposedly furloughed government employees and our tax dollars. But, once again, Mr. Obama has woefully underestimated the tenacity of our vets. A second round of BarryCade redistribution is planned for Tuesday. And don’t bet on our vets ever giving up. From the coordinator’s FaceBook page:

“The protest is being organized by The Military Coalition (TMC), a group of 33 organizations that represents 5.5 million people. Members are comprised of the uniformed services—active, reserve, retired veterans, survivors and their families.

TMC’s protest arrives on the heels of the “Million Vet March” that occurred over the weekend attracting thousands of veterans who marched on the National Mall and then on to the White House to peacefully demonstrate their anger over the government shutdown.

Veterans voiced their displeasure for the closing of the memorials as they removed the barricades and carried them to the White House where they stacked them neatly out front.”

If you rely on the various alphabet networks to provide you their version of what is “newsworthy,” you’re likely under the impression, if you even heard about it at all, that there was a wee protest in D.C. on Sunday, that a “mob”—to quote Martha MacCallum of FOX News—found itself outside the gates leading to the White House. Or that a group of “Tea Party-like” antagonists (hat tip Communist News Network), hell bent on anarchy, were running wild, leaving the local SWAT teams no choice but to descend upon the out-of-control wheelchair-bound octogenarian vets, tear gas canisters and batons in hand, to tamper down the unrest. But it was nothing of the sort.

With the help of dozens of hardy long-haul truckers, some who traveled from as far away as the West Coast, thousands of our veterans, many who have given limbs to protect our freedom, gathered at D.C.’s memorials, removed the barricades restraining them from visiting memorials in their honor, and proceeded to walk them several blocks, depositing them squarely in front of the White House. It was truly glorious to behold:

While the FLOTUS may only be proud of her country when its citizens are voting in a man wholly unqualified for the job, with no prior experience, and zero leadership skills outside of organizing a group of ACORN fraudsters, I was extraordinarily proud on Sunday. And if there is any doubt in your mind about what an American hero looks like, here it is:

Johnny Jones
Veterans Relocating BarryCades to the White House

So, you see Mr. Obama, you can erect as many pathetic barricades (Sergeant, pass the wire cutters, please) as your cold little heart desires, but you will never destroy the will and courage of our American veterans, and those who support them, who have fought and willingly given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our Republic from tyrants. They know one when they see one, Mr. Obama. You may as well just resign. You will not win this war. Like your wife’s rotten tomatoes, any relevancy you once enjoyed has long since withered on the vine.


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