Uvalde Police Did Nothing; We Lose Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Uvalde Police Did Nothing; We Lose Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Uvalde Police Did Nothing; We Lose Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Late Monday media outlets dropped a nuke on the left’s plan to use Uvalde’s school shooting as a reason to restrict American’s 2nd Amendment rights. Footage clearly shows police officers were not just standing outside fighting with parents to keep them from running into the building to save their children—they were in the building with enough fire power to smoke the dude–and did nothing.

A great summary of the timeline is at 2:47 where the reporter states,

“About 58 minutes from the moment this screen grab was taken to the time that officials and law enforcement ultimately made entry into that classroom.”

Lest we forget, parents begged and pleaded with officers outside of Robb Elementary, hoping those officers would make entry and save their children’s lives; not realizing until Monday–they were already there doing nothing. The above link is worth a read; parents used language not suitable to quote. Understandable since many of their children left the building in a body bag. They get the right to be spicy in their language.

To be clear, the police were present, armed, shielded and staged for almost an hour listening to gunfire in a classroom. What stopped the threat? While much ado has been made about the federal agent who entered the fray with his barber’s shotgun, alas, not the case. The truth still doesn’t make the bumbling cops look any better. A federal tactical team came in, probably brushed by the armed, staged and ballistically shielded officers and took care of bidnezz.

“The Border Patrol agents, using a ballistic shield, entered the classroom and shot and killed the gunman after a phalanx of officers had waited outside for nearly 50 minutes while children repeatedly called 911, pleading for help…”

That quote should be updated to read, “…not only waited outside and but waited inside trying on their big-boy pants as babies died .” Let’s not forget, the Uvalde Police Department has been slow-walking the release of bodycam footage.

Let’s turn our attention to the dithering from gun control freaks out there. This new footage won’t put a stopper in their traps, but I’ll take a stab at it.

First, if we want armed officers to be the ones who respond to active shooters in schools, they by God they had better respond to active shooters in schools. Can I get an amen? This is not the first time shooters have mowed down the innocent while police wondered what to do. The Parkland school shooting tragedy should have been the wake-up call for police to get their shit together. Uvalde’s tragedy tells us they haven’t.

Because of Uvalde’s tragedy, the Senate is negotiating away our 2nd Amendment rights this week to pass federal gun control legislation.

“After agreeing earlier this month on a framework for the deal — including enhanced background checks for those ages 18-21 and funding for mental health and school safety programs — negotiators trying to turn the agreement into legislative text left Washington over the weekend without a clear path forward on two outstanding elements: ‘red flag’ laws and closing the so-called ‘boyfriend loophole’ by expanding a ban on domestic abusers owning firearms.”

How does “framework”, “school safety programs”, “red flag laws” and “boyfriend loopholes” get law enforcement off their asses and stop the threat? I say this as a person who supports officers, many are my personal friends who have been involved in officer shootings—this is not a light subject. There are plenty of situations in law enforcement where hesitation happens as a threat is assessed—shooting small kids is not one of them. Because officers hesitated for almost an hour, good guys and gals of America are losing their God-given 2nd Amendment rights for line items that wouldn’t have done a bit of good in Uvalde.

Second, the Uvalde tragedy also brought out the blathering rage of California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, who got all pissy in front of a camera over some federal judges over California’s draconian gun control laws. He can shut it.

Hollywood elite, Matthew McConaughey, who thought it would be cool to stand at the White House press room to spout “because he’s from Uvalde…” drivel can shut it too. I’d love to see him take his ridiculous fake outrage and direct it to where it really belongs…at police officers standing by while children die…for an hour.

Hey, I’m from Montana—I’m no cowboy, Matthew. Being from Uvalde doesn’t give you some kind of  Uvalde-privilege to take away God-given rights protected by the Constitution. Uvalde lit up the lefties and started their incessant drumbeat over gun control all over again. Every time a shooting happens that could have been stopped before precious lives were taken…the God-given 2nd Amendment rights we have as Americans are brought up as some kind of magic token, if taken away will make shootings stop.

Bottom line, if gun laws were enforced and actually worked, then why do we still have school shootings? If law enforcement’s job is to respond and rush the threat, why don’t they? Why do the rest of us law-abiding Americans have to pay the price by having our rights snatched from us because a few bad actors didn’t do their job? If the leftie gun grabbers really cared about gun violence, where is their screeching about the body count coming out of American major cities every weekend? You know, where they de-funded the police in many cases.

Liberals lost their ability to be embarrassed long ago by their asinine policies attempting to stop gun violence. Time and time again, putting the dithering aside—good guys and gals with guns stop violence.

Liberals are going to get more children killed through their idiocy. They should be more than embarrassed; they should be prosecuted. Let’s start with the Uvalde Police Department.

Featured Photo: Keystone Cops via Wikimedia, public domain, cropped.

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  • senecagriggs says:

    If you’ve been worried that Beto et.al. is going to send police door-to-door to get your guns; cease worrying dear friends. It ain’t happening. The police simply ain’t gonna do that.

  • Scott says:

    Every one of those officers, and the commanders who ordered / allowed such a delay should all get their walking papers immediately, at a minimum! (Like you Shelby, I have many friends who are cops, and I do Back the Blue, WHEN they do their jobs)

    When it comes to gun control, there’s two kinds of leftists.
    1. the booger eating pants wetting betas that want to “just do something” because they have no clue about firearms, and zero critical thinking skills to understand the actual problems
    2. true believer zealots, who understand completely that these laws will do nothing to protect people, but instead will be used to advance their agenda of power, as they are nothing but petty tyrants, in the style of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Chavez, et al.

    Neither should be listened to, and compromised with. You don’t compromise or negotiate with a toddler or a bully, and at the core, that’s what those two classes above are.

    • GWB says:

      I think you should back off your demands about the beat cops being fired until we have the answer to “Where was the key?” And the answer to “What did those guys inside know about what was happening or had happened in the classroom?” The commander was the one who had a bunch of that information, but it is unlikely the cops inside the building did.

  • GWB says:

    they were in the building with enough fire power to smoke the dude
    And just HOW were they going to do that?

    Look, I am not absolving the police (in general, the commander on scene, specifically) in this, but just HOW do you propose they enter the room? If (as is very likely) that building was constructed or upgraded in the last 20 years, the doors to each classroom are designed to resist someone with a gun from gaining entry. The doors open inward so their hinges and latch/lock are behind a steel door jamb. The doors are steel or very thick wood (fireproof, too). They might have small observation windows with thick, meshed glass in them, resistant to bullets and blunt instruments. They can generally only be opened from inside or by an administrator with a key.

    Oh sure, they could use explosives. Which can only send the door one direction – into a room full of kids. Assuming you can even blow it open – using explosives to breach a door usually relies on access to one of those linking points: hinges, latches, locks. (Unlike Looney Toons and 24 explosives need something to work against to be successful.)

    Everyone seems to think (including the reporter in the first video) cops can just kick in the door like in some old Hunter episode.

    listening to gunfire in a classroom
    What’s your source for this? How close to the classroom were they? (BTW, that screen grab does NOT show them at the classroom. It shows them at a hallway intersection, with absolutely no idea how far away the classroom door is. If it’s in the direction they are facing, it’s AT LEAST 15 yards away, past the fire doors.) How do they hear small caliber shots in a closed classroom, behind concrete walls (fire code) and at least a fireproof door? Yes, I can hear the shots at my indoor range when standing right outside the windows; but I certainly can’t much further away than that.
    You’re emoting.

    probably brushed by
    More of that SWAT TV show thinking, IMO.
    Your entire reaction to this is purely emotional, with very little critical thought given to what actually went wrong. And it leads to bad decisions on how to stop this in the future. One of the consequences of emotional reaction to school active shooters likely contributed to this being as bad as it was – the fortress mentality actually locking the shooter in with his victims.

    Only one thing mentioned in the video (and never mentioned by you, Shelby) was plausible, if more difficult than most would think, and that was the possibility of taking the shooter through a window. Which, again, are likely bullet resistant and possibly meshed. (The mesh is to prevent entry, and isn’t “bullet-proof” but it can complicate a shot through it, for certain.)

    Maybe there will be some real evidence come out in the hearings mentioned, and we can get closer to the truth.

    • Okay, say they COULD NOT get into the room for an hour, until a key was found.

      BUT… Why was it a Border Patrol team that did do the entry? They did NOT have jurisdiction. There WAS an Uvalde SWAT team there.

      Bottom line is that the Uvalde police did NOT do THEIR job, however you want to look at it.

      • GWB says:

        I am pretty confident it will come out that the BP are the ones who demanded the key. Or they had knowledge/tools the PD did not.

        As to the PD not doing “their” job, that’s sort of my point. We need to know more to determine if the failure of the officers in the building was merely “following orders” or if it was something else. And just saying “the Uvalde police department needs to all be fired and prosecuted” is not a helpful approach to finding solutions. SOMEONES in the Uvalde PD didn’t do their job properly.

    • Hate_me says:

      There are plenty of explosive breaching methods designed to work against a door without access to linking points. For obvious reasons, I won’t describe them here.

      I doubt the regular officers are trained in these techniques or have access to the proper tools, but local SWAT absolutely should.
      There are also applicable, non-ballistic breaching methods, and whoever ends up in charge of that department needs to coordinate with the local FD to make sure every single LEO trains on them.

      The risks of such a breach, explosive or not, is far less than allowing the shooter free reign. Without seeing the door, I’m still fairly certain of what breaching technique I’d use – it is explosive, and is both quick and minimizes any overpressure/shrapnel damage on the other side. Waiting on the key (if that’s really the case), should never be an acceptable option.

      I do agree that we need to know more of what actually and honestly happened before we start pointing fingers or identifying issues that need to be addressed.

      I’m definitely not going to blame officers for following lawful orders (no matter how bad the orders are), even if hindsight tells us they should have disobeyed.

      • Hate_me says:

        are far less*

        My kingdom for an edit function.

      • GWB says:

        As to breaching: you might be right.
        I’m going to ask the question, though: Why didn’t they just immediately identify the staff member with the requisite knowledge and get the key right off? Then there’s not even the need to use breaching methods.

        I’m going to guess there’s an administrative screw-up involved in this, as well. Formerly known as Skeptic makes valid points on this aspect.

        • Hate_me says:

          I fully anticipate there was an administrative screw up – probable multiple ones.

          I probably wouldn’t have gone with “find a key” as the first option for opening the door, but I don’t have enough information on the orders/equipment/training of the responding patrol officers to judge other than to say they clearly weren’t prepared.

          If SWAT truly was on-site and they still opted to “find the key,” that’s definitely the wrong approach… or they are SWAT in name only; damn their eyes, and the entire roster needs to be vacated and rebuilt from the ground up.

  • Joe R. says:

    Prosecution of 2nd Paragraph of The Declaration of Independence in 3, 2, . . .

  • Formerly known as Skeptic says:

    We keep skipping past the fact that the cops would not have been in that position in the first place if the School hadn’t muffed the response first. The reports so far indicate that this kid was outside the school for ~10 minutes and even fired shots at the building, yet the school was not in complete lockdown. He gained entrance through an unlocked back door and entered an open classroom. The police should have found him outside the building or trapped in the hallways unable to get to the students. When he locked the classroom after entering, he placed the police in that situation instead. And why such problems getting a key for the room? Yes, I am unhappy with what I have heard about the police actions that day, but the egregious mistakes had already been made.

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