UNWRA is past it’s expiration date

UNWRA is past it’s expiration date

UNWRA is past it’s expiration date

Hamas threatens UN personnel, steals supplies, uses them as human shields. UNRWA staffers were threatened with death.   In one of the most appalling examples of Dhimmitude (Dhimmis being non Muslims in Islamic lands) this response from the Jerusalem Post:

UNRWA spokesman Christopher Gunness, however, denied the reported details, saying “I have checked and double checked with sources in Gaza and there is no evidence of death threats made to UNRWA personnel.

“There is no evidence that any UNRWA aid was stolen.

Our aid delivery is secure and we have shown it to be so time and time again over many years. Moreover, we have demonstrated this repeatedly to the satisfaction of the Israeli military authorities and major donors such as the US. Everything is checked under strict procedures from the point of origin to the point of delivery.

There were two occasions after the fighting in 2008-9 when food aid was stolen. On both occasions I made strong public condemnations and on both occasions everything was returned. We are open, transparent and secure.“For years The Jerusalem Post has run editorials that time after time accuse UNRWA of supporting Hamas in a wide variety of ways. Now we are hearing the complete opposite – accusations that Hamas are threatening to kill our staff at gunpoint. The truth is that our neutrality is the family silver and we could not operate in combat zones such as Gaza, or indeed Syria without it, so we guard it jealously,” he said.

I am a bit confused.  Neutrality while being bankrolled by and seeking funds from the Arab League?  How does that work exactly?  And even more bizarre is the reason this agency exists according to The Arab Daily News:

“UNRWA was established in 1949 after the new State of Israel refused to allow more than 750,000 Palestinian civilian refugees who had been forced to leave their lands and homes to return, and have remained outside of the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel ever since. The refugees have since swelled to more than 5 million, and many of those living in Gaza are descendants of refugees forced to flee at gunpoint by Israel in 1948 and again in 1967.”

In 1922 Jordan was established and in 1994 a Palestinian State was established (thank you Bill and Hillary Clinton) so what is the purpose of  UNRWA?

“Following the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict, UNRWA was established by United Nations General Assembly resolution 302 (IV) of 8 December 1949 to carry out direct relief and works programmes for Palestine refugees. The Agency began operations on 1 May 1950.

In the absence of a solution to the Palestine refugee problem, the General Assembly has repeatedly renewed UNRWA’s mandate, most recently extending it until 30 June 2017.

Other than to prove the United Nations is a wretched hive of scum and villany what is this agency for?  Then there are the Israeli Arabs and the million Jews who were forced from their homes in Arab countries.  Who had no UN agency purportedly holding their hands but they are not living in refugee camps.  So what is the difference?  Oh the Jews had nothing when they fled for their lives.

So if Palestinians are the middle class in Kuwait and other Arab nations, how is it that their state is unable to stand on its own.  And lest anyone feel sorry for the Palestinians?  They as a nation reacted to 9/11 as follows:


All I can respond is Nope.  And pray for the families of those murdered on 09/11/01 and 09/11/12 (Benghazi)

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    After seeing the palestinian reaction to 9/11 I quit thinking those losers should have their own country. We sent them plenty of money, supplies and people to train their police force up to that point and their “gratitude” sickened me. As far as I’m concerned the palestinians need to quit whining and build up a peaceful homeland in Gaza rather than demanding their asinine “right to return”-a so called right no other people have ever claimed in history (how about a German right of return to the former Prussia that was divided up by Poland and the USSR after 1945 while we’re at it?). UNWRA needs to disappear rather than lobby on behalf of the useless and ungrateful palestinians. In fact, let’s get rid of the whole corrupt UN-it was set up as a coalition against the Axis in WW2. Last I checked that war ended 69 years ago so why the hell is it still around for?

  • Gail Boer says:

    Appalled I agree wholeheartedly. The UN has outlived its usefulness for certain. Other than to allow autocrats and wee little dictators to have power far beyond their level of competency and to serve as a living example of Hypocrisy. And officially sanctioned anti semitism of course.

    • Appalled By The World says:

      Ah yes-almost overlooked that anti semitism part. Ironic how the UN was formed as a coalition against Hitler-now Hitler would be impressed at the UN picking up where he left off. At times I wonder why Israel just doesn’t leave the UN for all the bashing it gets there.

      • Gail Boer says:

        Do not understand that anymore than I understand keeping that mess in the US.

        • Appalled By The World says:

          Agreed-move the Useless Nations to Switzerland-or maybe Swaziland. The US foots all the bills and gets bashed there as well. Plus we always get visits from the worst people who go to make speeches there.

  • Pete says:

    All I need to know about Islam I learned on 9/11. I do wish I could say otherwise.

    • Gail Boer says:

      I remember learning Islam reached its cultural peak around the time of the Renaissance and slid backwards ever since.

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