Uncle Tom Trends After Black Voices Heard At RNC

Uncle Tom Trends After Black Voices Heard At RNC

Uncle Tom Trends After Black Voices Heard At RNC

In the latest episode of “How dare black folk think for themselves,” Uncle Tom is trending on Twitter because black voices were heard at the Republican National Convention last night. The sewer denizens and bots of Twitter have picked on Herschel Walker, Vernon Jones and Tim Scott, because they are men. Kim Klacik has not yet been called Uncle Thomasina, but just wait. The mob will call Klacik out of her name because, if you don’t support Joe Biden, you ain’t black.

First, I would like to say to anti-Trumpers like former Senator Jeff Flake and pundits Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol, if you think appeasement of or triangulation with the Left works, you are idiots. This is a full, steel cage death match of ideologies. So, bugger off, cephalopods.

Second, I know that Uncle Tom has been a term of derision since I was young. It is a misreading of the Harriet Beecher Stowe book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Uncle Tom was whipped to death by Simon Legree because he would not divulge the whereabouts of runaway slaves. He was not a traitor to his race. And, neither are black men and women who follow a different political philosophy.

Now, we turn to Mother Jones writer Tommy Craggs and his waspish How Badly Did They Want to Say the N-Word? RNC, Day 1. The column is billed as “Your nightly guide to racism at the Republican National Convention.” Tommy, bless his heart, is white. He is so fragile in his white privilege that he can divine racism in others. From the article:

Tonight was the “I’m not racist, and my Black friend says so” portion of the RNC, featuring speeches from Tim Scott and Herschel Walker, among others, and a lot of predictable talk about “opportunity zones” and the Democratic “plantation.” For the hard stuff, we turn to the undercard. Here’s Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis “gun couple” who famously mounted an armed defense of their topiary from Black Lives Matters protesters.”

How dare Kim Klacik tell the truth about the Democrat run streets of Baltimore. How dare Herschel Walker speak of his 37 year friendship with President Donald J. Trump. Tommy, let me lay a little hard truth on you. You know who wanted to use the N-word last night? You, Tommy, you. You are so indignant that no one at the Republican National Convention stood up and yelled, “I am a racist,” that you wanted (and maybe did) scream the N-word at whatever device you streamed the Convention on.

Uncle Tom, along with House N-word, has become such a common pejorative that Larry Elder produced a documentary about the phrase. You can watch the trailer here. It probably goes without saying that Herschel Walker and Senator Tim Scott have heard it before. For Vernon Jones, it’s probably a fairly new occurrence.

The phrase “All my skinfolk ain’t my kinfolk” works well here. It’s right up there with Joe Biden’s “You ain’t black” statement. Bullying group-think. Which leads us to this Tweet:

and, this one:

And, that’s the main point. It’s the Leftwits who are racists. They are the ones who took over the George Floyd protests because black folk can’t do it for themselves. They are the ones who insist all black people think alike.

I am going to leave you with Tim Scott’s speech last night. Pure truth. Pure gold.

From failing Civics to being a Senator, Tim Scott represents the American Dream. We may not be skinfolk but we are kinfolk. No Uncle Tom, but Cousin Tim. And the real racists have revealed themselves.

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  • George says:

    Shouldn’t the headline be “RNC”?

  • Scott says:

    Democrats haven’t been this pissed off since Lincoln and the Republicans freed their slaves!

    • GWB says:

      Which is sure what it looks like Trump is doing! Free the mind and free the man, the saying went. (That was actually a progressive saying!)

      Here’s what Glenn posted:
      SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “All the Republicans endorsing Biden are white, and all the Democrats endorsing Trump are black.”

  • GWB says:

    if you think appeasement of or triangulation with the Left works
    This has been a problem for a long time. When one side is proposing to move away from Constitutional gov’t, it is NOT ok to compromise with them. But, since about the time of Nixon (maybe earlier), the GOP has simply been the “leaner, more efficient, big un-Constitutional gov’t” party, opposed to the “sloppy, obese, spend money you don’t have big un-Constitutional gov’t” party.

    He was not a traitor to his race.
    For absolutists he was, because he didn’t rise up and directly confront LeGree. It’s a somewhat stupid position to take, given it’s fiction and absolutist stands often (but not always) are dumb.

    Tommy Craggs and his waspish … Tommy, bless his heart, is white.

    an armed defense of their topiary from Black Lives Matters protesters.
    And here’s the funny bit, Tommy: most of that “Black Lives” mob was white. They were defending themselves against mostly WHITE thugs who threatened them, and that makes these rather pasty white people racist. The cobwebs in your cranial cavity must tremble in the echos of your ‘thoughts’.

    but we are kinfolk
    Amen! One of the great things about America (at least until the communists got hold of higher education) is that you have always been American by virtue of being here, and not because of your bloodline or which tribe you belong to. As long as you believed in (true) freedom and working your way to your dream, you’ve been called an American. I love Sarah Hoyt’s phrase, that she “was born American, it just took a while to get here.” My kinsmen are from all walks of life, all colors, all nations (often within one person!), and all languages (though we try to speak English here, when together). But EVERY. LAST. ONE. OF. THEM. IS. AMERICAN!

    As an aside, you don’t get the “Great Melting Pot” without Christianity. Only in Christianity does creation and redemption make us all one family. I am brother to that Christian in China hiding in an underground church, the one in India proudly worshiping down the street from the Hindus, the one in Pakistan being tortured in prison, the one (I’ll be gracious and assume here) with the funny hat in Rome, the charismatic bunch down in South America, and the Mennonite across the street here at home. Only from that basis can we say “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.”
    When you throw that out, you get… well, this.

    (And, yes, you NEED to change the headline.)

  • Peter Mitchell says:

    Hawaii state Rep Beth Fukumoto in an interview last night explained why she WAS once a Republican- to help add to the diversity for the party. She thought the Dem policies were not helping the citizens after seeing the strife for many years under a Dem administration.
    But then after a few years in the Hawaii legislature, she realized the R did not care about female perspective, or minority, or one of Japanese heritage. She resigned from the R party.
    Perhaps Sen Scott will do the same in the future.

    His speech is certainly filled with inaccuracies- like much of the RNC.
    Opportunity zones are effectively tax subsidies, for one. SUBSIDIES.
    I thought the Republicans (Idaho and Congress) are opposed to subsidies and believe in only a free market. Tariffs aside of course. Ha!

    I used to be for the conservative side. Not anymore Trump and his enablers have cemented the question.

    • GWB says:

      Sounds like you were never a conservative, though you might have been a Republican.

    • SDN says:

      Remember, remember!
      The third of November,
      The NeverTrump treason and plot;
      I know of no reason
      Why the NeverTrump treason
      Should ever be forgot!

      Guy Fawkes 2020

  • […] Uncle Tom Trends After Black Voices Heard At RNC […]

  • Lurkingobserver says:

    Black women who “sell out” to the Republicans/conservatives are likely to be termed “Aunt Jemima,” rather than Uncle Thomasina?

    • MikeGiles says:

      “Sell out to Republicans/conservatives”. DemonRats supported slavery. The invented and supported Jim Crow. All those clowns in their bed linen were DemonRats. The guys turning on the fire hoses, siccing the dogs and murdering CivilRights workers were DemonRats. The politicians fighting tooth and nail against anti-lynching and Civil Rights bills were DemonRats. The politicians who have turned our cities into pits of misery, are DemonRats. I’m old enough (71) to remember the Civil Rights Era, and I can’t figure for the life of me why any African-American would support the Dims. Of course, the black community has always had to deal with “House Negros”, always ready to sell out other African-Americans for their own gain. DemonCrap party is full of them!

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