TSA and traveling [video]

TSA and traveling [video]

TSA and traveling [video]

TSA is the classic example of the ancient adage “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” TSA claims they need more screeners. Because the highly trained highly motivated folks with blue latex gloves are doing such a stellar job. So the airports and the airlines are trying to help speed up the TSA checkpoints (or bottlenecks to be truly accurate).  Memorial Day weekend 2016, the airlines and airports are doing TSA’s job. Bloomberg says this:

U.S. airlines and airports are spending millions on added workers to avoid a repeat of long security lines, as the coming Memorial Day weekend kicks off what’s expected to be a record year for summer travel.


“We are concerned for this weekend, where we’ll see higher than normal flight loads,” said Ross Feinstein, a spokesman for American Airlines Group Inc. “That will just continue into June and pretty much all the way to September.”

Sadly, TSA has not been able to accommodate the travel patterns. Or predict them it seems. Over the last 15 years someone surely saw the need to change staffing, right? Oh never mind that is the airlines and airports.

American, Delta Air Lines Inc. and United Continental Holdings Inc. each are spending about $4 million at their busiest hubs to assist TSA agents, in part by hiring contract workers. JetBlue Airways Corp. also is hiring third-party staff, while Southwest Airlines Co. and other carriers are assigning some of their own employees to help expedite security lines.

Seriously? So to assist piss poorly trained TSA agents, temps will be brought in? What could possibly go wrong? TSA cannot staff the airports during peak travel times? Really? Fortune Magazine says this

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is taking several steps to shorten airport lines including moving officers to different posts, but still lacks the staffing to handle peak travel times, Administrator Peter Neffenger said in a Congressional hearing Wednesday. According to Neffenger, TSA is seeing how it can re-deploy officers who are trained to detect irregular passenger behavior to posts where they check traveler documents, thereby freeing up others to staff the physical screening machines. “There are efficiencies we can gain in the way we deploy our people,” Neffenger said.

Tweet from O’Hare.  At least 3 hours wait.

@kkellya Unfortunately not. The @TSA is now recommending that you arrive at least 3 hours in advance of your departure. #Hatethewait

The agency has been around since early 2002 right? There should have been at least one study of travel patterns they referenced right? How about maybe training TSA to profile? Or screening the screeners and training them to do their jobs and know what the hell people are bringing on the flight. I last flew in 2011 and vowed to never fly again. From the TSA agent who had no idea why I had an ice pack for insulin (should be kept cold, their webpage said it was ok to bring icepacks) to the one who did not know what a cooling pad for a laptop was (seriously) to horror stories of stuff being stolen from the checked bags (and the cloth suitcase the geniuses at TSA ripped) travel by air is a last resort at best. And I am not the only one who feels this way.

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  • GWB says:

    First, the long lines recently were – just like Fast & Furious – a ploy to draw more money from the taxpayer. (OK, really from the Chinese money lenders, but it eventually comes from the US taxpayer.)

    Second, something you missed in the “added help” from the airports and airlines: they are solely going to be concerned with returning bins to the head of the line and such. You can’t put people actually on the line checking people through- there are a limited number of scan machines (added screeners would just be standing around), and only the TSA can abuse you in the proper governmental fashion. So, the airport workers will be limited to “freeing up TSA personnel to do their job”.

    The TSA is an abomination. It’s an attempt to provide playground monitors for all us children/peasants. Honestly, barring big stuff being smuggled on to an airplane by airport workers (oh no, that would *never* happen……..), if a plane full of passengers is hijacked by a couple of dudes with box-cutters today, they deserve to be hijacked. The wannabe hijackers should have to be unfolded from the overhead bins by the police when the airplane lands at its destination.

    Soon after the TSA was proposed, someone wrote a bit on “How airline security SHOULD work”. In it, he proposed that potential airline passengers be brought into a largish room in lots of 50 or so. Then a large bearded man with a fork should be let in to the room and the doors locked. If Fork Man can impose his will on the people in the room, those people should never be allowed on an aircraft again. Period.

    I have tried not to fly since about 2009. I will drive to most destinations for my job. I will fly to the west coast simply because I don’t have the time to do it any other way. I obviously can’t drive to Europe or Korea. I do everything I can to minimize my susceptibility to pain and suffering when I do have to fly. But the security kabuki is thoroughly stupid and pointless.

  • Jacmo says:

    It is unfortunate that all these incursions of our freedoms are accepted practices for our children. I remember the days when you could walk right up to the gate at an airport to wave at a departing friend or relative.
    I say screw political correctness and begin using the Israeli methods of profiling.

    • GWB says:

      I remember when a parent could actually buckle their child into a seat on the airplane, then leave the airplane so the kid could travel to see grandpa on his own.

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