TSA Threatens Travelers With Arrest For Making Fun of Them

TSA Threatens Travelers With Arrest For Making Fun of Them

TSA Threatens Travelers With Arrest For Making Fun of Them

Vee haff vays of making you obey.  In the video below, you can hear an announcement at one of the Houston airports threatening people with arrest if they make any “inappropriate remarks or jokes” about the security measures.  While we all know it’s a tasteless idea to joke with the junk-grabbing Gestapo about the bomb in your pants while they’re touching your jimmy, this reaches a new low.  How are we supposed to stand spending so much time stuck in the security line if we aren’t allowed to joke about the burger-flipper-turned-SuperPolice?  How are we expected to deal with all the tyranny if we can’t make fun of the obese woman who points from her chair at us like Jabba the Hutt while screeching, “YO! You can’t HAVE dat!”?

More importantly, since when is it even acceptable for a bunch of clueless freaks in uniform to dictate to American citizens what they can and cannot say?

Liberal Drudge counterpart Drudge Retort commenters claim that this is “only” referring to the above mentioned guy who says, “Yeah I have a bomb…in my PANTS!…oh, just kidding.”  So, in true lefty fashion, abuse of control is okay as long as it’s for your own good.  What no one seems to pick up on is that it’s not the stupid white guy talking about bombs in his pants that you need to worry about.  It’s the guy (or girl) who fits the profile for the type of person who likes to hijack planes.  I’ll give you a hint: They don’t like Jews or Americans and go by this weird thing called sharia law.  (Before you jump down my throat about “stereotyping” and try to tell me all about how terrorists aren’t all Muslim,. allow me to point out that there have been 21,730 terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslims resulting in loss of life…just since 9/11).  So it may behoove the thugs in blue to get their hand out of Granny’s panties and Junior’s diaper, and start looking at the real threat.  Then again, we’re glossing over the main problem here: that TSA exists at all, let alone that they are threatening arrest if they don’t like your jokes.  Just FYI, that’s called tyranny.

But hey, TSA…you guys keep fighting that good fight: sexually assaulting people and looking for the perfect airport food.  Stay classy.

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  • kevin says:

    It’s always way too easy to pick apart the systems in place and we will always find things wrong with them. Always. It’s another story when you identify the concern and then propose a system or change in the system that will improve it. Most people skip the last step above and just want to be critical; they have no desire to fix the system.

    So, what’s your solution? Everyone of Middle Eastern decent gets strip searched and their orifices are probed and everyone else just walk right down the concourse on to the plane with their five pieces of luggage? Don’t forget about the straight white men who have done some pretty horrific damage to our nation … Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, Warren Jeffs, David Koresch and the list goes on and on. Given that the white guys are all frickin crazy maybe we have some sort of mental health assessment for all the white men that get on planes. Don’t forget about Hispanic people who are most likely in the U.S. illegally. Even though everyone boarding a plane has to have some sort of identification we should probably make all Hispanic people have a U.S. issued ID so if they have a passport from Argentina, that won’t work. We need to make sure everyone we’re flying with is legally from our own country.

    OMG! I never realized how much fun stereotyping can be! We can search the orifices of Middle Eastern people, conduct a mental health assessment for straight white men, verify the country of origin for all the Hispanic people and we’ll all feel so much safer and know that God (let’s hope he doesn’t go by Allah) is pulling for us to win. There. I’ve done your work for you and come up with a plan to keep everyone much safer 🙂

    • Kit Lange says:

      Kevin, your comment is a lot of fluff.

      There’s only been one hijacking on El Al airline. Ever. Know why that is? It’s because their security system works. People like you wouldn’t like it, because they tend to profile people. And God forbid we do that here, right? Profiling isn’t racial, it’s logical. Israeli security are former intelligence agents. They have degrees, speak multiple languages, and undergo an incredible amount of training in behavioral analysis, body language, and more. And they’ve figured out what Americans refuse to pick up on: There is a demographic that is responsible for far more terrorism than any other group. That’s not to say that you let all other groups go without screening, but you do it in an efficient way.

      Good grief, Kevin…do you really think you’re safe, standing in a line you aren’t allowed to get out of, with a few hundred or thousand people you don’t know next to you, who haven’t been screened at all yet and could be carrying anything? At least in Israel your screening starts before you even get out of the car.

      You want a solution? There you go.

  • Oligonicella says:

    Lots of straw, very little IQ in there Kevin.

  • Just Plain Jason says:

    I always opt out and make them frisk me in a public place. I am hard of hearing so they have to speak very loudly and explain several times what they are doing when I get “randomly” selected.

  • Dejah Thoris says:


    Noticing that 16 of the 20 9/11 hijackers is a muslim male between 18 and 45 isn’t called profiling; it’s called BEING MINIMALLY OBSERVANT. The rent-a-dumbasses who make up the TSA can’t catch a cold, let alone a terrorist.

    So in answer to your question, the next time that 16 of the 20 hijackers are full figured brunettes with red highlights and green eyes, you can strip search me. I will even wear the outfit from the movie.

    So yes, 80 year old nuns and 8 year old Hispanic girls get to walk through the airport unmolested and anyone whose last name has any of the letters that could spell “Allah Akbar” and happens to look Middle Eastern gets cavity searched.

    • GWB says:

      So in answer to your question, the next time that 16 of the 20 hijackers are full figured brunettes with red highlights and green eyes, you can strip search me. I will even wear the outfit from the movie.

      Dang, Dejah, but you have a way of putting things in perspective……….

      (And, yes, I agree with everything else you said.)

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