Trumpism Is Not A Turn Against Democracy

Trumpism Is Not A Turn Against Democracy

Trumpism Is Not A Turn Against Democracy

The Democrat Media Industrial Complex can believe their own lies, but Trumpism is not a turn against Democracy. It is Democracy. The Democrat Media Industrial Complex (DMIC) lives in a bubble that protects their blindness. It protects their willful, psychological and hysterical blindness. The blindness that protects them from seeing Trump, and more importantly us, as we really are.

Victory Girls’ Kim wrote about Obama’s group “Protect Democracy” and their claim that in order to “save America” the country must be “purged” of Trumpism. “Purged” is an interesting word, isn’t it? Purge conjures of mental pictures of Joseph Stalin and the French Revolution. Surely, they don’t mean that Trumpism must be killed? Or, do they?

On December 4, The Atlantic Magazine published an article, “Donald Trump, George Wallace, and the Influence of Losers”. The author, Steve Coll, is not just an Atlantic staff writer, but is also the Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. His article is so filled with lies and assumptions that blindness is the only explanation. If he could see Trumpism and Trump voters as it, and we, really are the scales would fall from his eyes, and he wouldn’t be able to live as he is anymore. The fact that this man is Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia explains so much about the state of journalism

Coll believes that Trump is a racist of the George Wallace type. For those who are too young or don’t know history. George Wallace was a three-time failed Presidential candidate and Governor of Alabama. His 1963 inaugural address as Governor contained the line:

“In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw a line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say, segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever.”

Mr. Coll then goes on to compare President Donald Trump to the late Wallace. From the article:

Wallace was who he seemed to be—a self-made, ambitious bitter-ender with a knack for the campaign trail and a capacity for personal reflection, at least toward the end. Trump, a Wharton graduate who also rails against the Ivy League, has transcended Wallace’s political achievements by delivering transparently cynical performances that nevertheless, with his gift for stagecraft, come across to many as authentic. In Wallace’s time, it was common to dismiss his candidacy for the Presidency as a last gasp from the dying Jim Crow South. We can now see it as a warning flare—and as a reminder that it was not only Donald Trump who conceived of Trumpism.

There it is. That paragraph. Donald Trump doesn’t rail against Ivy League, as the Ivy League. Donald Trump is talking about the product the Ivy League produces. The elitist, classist, condescending, butt-sniffers symbolized by Mr. Stoll and Peter Strzok.

And, Donald Trump didn’t come up with this idea. We, the 74 million Trump voters, did. We have seen it for years. Just like the Democrats and those who vote Democrat, the Republican candidates for office promised reform and deregulation of government to the voters, only to fold like a cheap suit when they hit Washington, D.C. Donald Trump didn’t invent Trumpism, we, the people. did.

Trump ripped the mask off of all the DMIC. We, the people, always knew that the news readers despised us and were our enemy. Trump just said out loud what we think.

We knew that our public servants thought they were our rulers and above us. Trump just ripped their masks off. That’s why elected officials hate him and us. The Covid-19 Pandemic exposed these elitist snobs posing as public servants. You know. Governor Hair Gel Newsom and his French Laundry dinner. Queen Nancy Pelosi and her blow out. Rules are for little people, not the American royalty, known as public servants.

One video points out these hypocrites more than any other. A woman restaurant owner points out that her restaurant is closed, while L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti allows a movie company to set up. As she points out, 50 feet away.

Under the guise of science, the rich are allowed to live as they please, while the working class must starve and lose everything. This woman is America.

And, Mr. Coll worries that even if (Please God, now) Joe Biden assumes the Presidency, Trumpism won’t go away. He worries that complicit Republicans will try to exploit Trump’s populist pose. If they are real, we Trumpists will embrace them. If they are phonies, like the Democrat Media Industrial Complex, we will sniff them out and reject them. We are on to the phonies and poseurs.

One last thing, Mr. Coll. We are not turning against democracy. We are restoring our Constitutional Republic. If you wanted to Mr. Coll, you could help. You could use your position as a “journalist” to expose Big Tech shutting down free speech. You could expose the hypocrisy of our public servants rather than being part of it. You could take serious our claims of a fraudulent election. They are not Trump’s. If he didn’t scream from the roof tops about it, we would. In fact, we did and we are.

Trumpism isn’t the problem. You are, Mr. Coll. Take your blinders off.

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