Trump the Vulgar – The Angry Deep State Tells All

Trump the Vulgar – The Angry Deep State Tells All

For decades, the elected Senators and Representatives, the un-elected bureaucrats of the permanent Washington D.C. class, along with the liberal/progressive/socialist/authoritarian academics and think tanks have engaged to ignore the will of the American people. These people, along with the legacy media, have spread the wealth among themselves. They have shoveled massive government projects and pork barrel projects to friends, family and associates. During this time, they have denigrated the business builders, home builders, entrepreneurs, skilled trades and first responders who actually make this Country run. They have laughed at us and bilked us. In turn we gave them Trump the Vulgar.

Hillary’s Idea Of SMART Power Is Therapy With Our Enemies

Hillary Clinton, the wanna be President, has a new take on what constitutes effective foreign policy. This one is even better than her RESET button for Russia…

Yes Hillary, Business DID Create Your Job

Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton has decided the next crown she is MUST wear is that of President of the United States right? No? Well, for those…

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