Trump Storms Out Of Meeting, According To Schumer

Trump Storms Out Of Meeting, According To Schumer

Trump Storms Out Of Meeting, According To Schumer

We are about to begin week three of the Great Government Shutdown of 2019. The speeches last night by President Donald Trump/Chancy(Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Sandy) did nothing whatsoever to move anybody’s heart of mind. Although, Chancy did much needed comic relief comic relief after the initial trauma of the optics. Sandy has her knickers in a knot over laptops. Jesus take the wheel! Trump invited the principals, sans Sandy, to the White House today. The headline from this alleged meeting: President Donald Trump Storms Out of Meeting.

Now, I am not going to wear you out going over past history. We all know that Demoncraps used to want to border security. If you forgot or were in a coma for the last decade, Deanna provided a great wrap up and you can read it here. Also, Pelosi, Schumer and their collaborators have been pushing a narrative about Trump as an angry, agitated and isolated man on the edge of a nervous breakdown. The Democrats, or some useful tool Republican, are the “adults in the room”. Of course today, that plotline continued. Here is how reported the meeting:

Schumer, speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill, said, “again, we saw a temper tantrum.” Trump’s behavior was “unbecoming of a presidency,” Schumer added.

The headline from The “Trump rages at Schumer, Pelosi as funding talks implode”. headline: “Trump storms out of meeting after border wall demands rejected”.

The Washington Times reported:

resident Trump walked out of shutdown negotiations with Democratic leaders Wednesday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to agree to any money for his border fence, ending the most contentious meeting yet in the 19-day-old government shutdown with no solution in sight.

The confrontation came in the highly secure Situation Room at the White House, where Mr. Trump had invited leaders of both parties to restart talks that have gone nowhere since Dec. 22. The impasse has prompted the president to threaten declaring a national emergency, an option that he said Wednesday he’s still considering.

Notice the words “contentious” and “confrontation”. Biased words to influence your thinking. Trump “rages” as talks “implode”. Does Trump calmly walk out of a pointless meeting. No. Trump “storms” out.

And, we have Chuck Schumer’s word for it:

Instead of “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer”, he should be “Lyin’ Chuck”. He knows he’s lying. You can see it in the video. Right before he says that Trump walked out he pauses. It’s like he’s asking himself, “Will the media buy it?”. And, decides, “Of course they will”.

So, what really happened? Back to The Washington Times:

While Democrats characterized Mr. Trump’s move as a “temper tantrum,” Republicans in the meeting said the president was calm but firm.

“When she said ‘no,’ he said good-bye,” Vice President Mike Pence told reporters. “I think the president made his position very clear today.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, California Republican, said Mr. Schumer “continued to raise his voice” as the meeting deteriorated. He called the Democrats’ behavior “embarrassing.”

Those are the men I believe. Mike Pence and Kevin McCarthy have proven time after time to be forthright and upright.

In this vile soap opera, tomorrow’s theme will be “Dictator Trump Declares National Emergency, America Is Over”. The name of this show: “The Vulgar and The Craven”. Stay tuned.

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  • Tami says:

    It is President Trump, not Mr. Trump. Very good article.

  • GWB says:

    We all know that Demoncraps used to want to border security.
    Well, no. What they used to want was to appear to want border security. That bill passed in 2006? They never intended to actually put up a reasonable deterrent – they voted for it because they didn’t want to lose their phony baloney jobs. They knew that, when the time came and they were in power, they would simply ignore it or put a line in a new budget rescinding the money, or some such shenanigans. (Sure enough, that’s what happened when 0bama got into office.)

    Because of the Democrats, I no longer want a wall. I want a wall, a moat, alligators, machine gun turrets, drones with hellfires, and landmines. And to hell with anyone who wants to eliminate our American sovereignty.

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