Trump Is Endorsing Vernon Jones in Georgia. GOP Pouting Begins

Trump Is Endorsing Vernon Jones in Georgia. GOP Pouting Begins

Trump Is Endorsing Vernon Jones in Georgia. GOP Pouting Begins

The talking heads in politics still don’t seem to get MAGA folk.  Neither the “Establishment Right” nor the MSM Leftist Pravda outlets understand that MAGA is the new third party, coopting the GOP infrastructure.  I cannot begin to tell you how many of my democrat friends are shocked to learn that Donald Trump was a democrat right up until he chose to run for President.  For those of us who were early adopters of Orange Man Bad, it isn’t surprising at all to hear that Trump is endorsing Vernon Jones in Georgia.  Donald Trump and Vernon Jones are both ex-Democrats.  Both men have questionable pasts.  Both have been described as con men.  Vernon Jones was a State Representative in Georgia who spoke at the 2020 Republican National Convention on behalf of Donald Trump.  I think it doesn’t take any special imagination to think that the former President picked up and phone the other day and said “Hey good buddy.  I know you really want to climb the next political rung.  But you see, I’ve already given Purdue my blessing.  Why don’t you take a pass on this one?  I’ll give you the endorsement for a Congressional seat and let’s see what happens.”  What that means for other 10 contenders for the 10th Congressional seat are they are one their own.  And according to NBC News, that has the Georgia GOP pouting.  Boo Hoo.

From the article:

“Georgia 10 was a deep and chaotic primary before Vernon Jones’ entry. And now it’s completely off the rails,” Chip Lake, a Republican strategist in Georgia, said. “I don’t have a crystal ball to know what will happen. But I know there’s gonna be a lot more eyeballs on this congressional primary than before.”

Really?  10 was chaotic, but 11 is “off the rails!”  Dear Lord, get Mr. Lake some smelling salts.  Has he not watched any of the California Gubernatorial elections?  I was living in Los Angeles during the 2003 recall election.  There were 135 candidates in that race!  THAT is off the rails.  Eleven candidates are a rounding error.  In a few months, no one is going to even remember eight of those people, and this is what the pouting over Vernon Jones’ entry is really about.  “But, but, but I am the true conservative!  Vernon Jones is an interloper!”

That may be true.  I know little about Vernon Jones outside of my husband’s off-hand remark that he’s a “lying scumbag.”  An assessment that carries some weight given that my husband lived in DeKalb County during Vernon Jone’s tenure as CEO of the county.  There were accusations of financial improprieties that resulted in personal fines and the return of some sketchy donations.  I have no doubt that all the mudslinging you can imagine will be highlighted for voters to see.  One leading contender has already been busy with a hit piece ad:

But isn’t this what Big “D” Democracy is about?  Anyone who can muster up some signatures and a handful of cash gets to throw their hat in the ring and make a case for himself.  Let the voters sort it out.  If the constituents in the 10th District are moved by Trump’s endorsement, then to the victor are the spoils.  If those constituents are looking for a more traditional conservative, then I’m sure those voters will disregard Trump’s proclamations and vote accordingly.  The pundits truly do believe we MAGA voters are in a cult and that we all follow the man’s lead unwaveringly.  But even according to the NBC article, Trump’s endorsement doesn’t sway the majority of Republican voters:

“Robert Cahaly, a Georgia-based pollster with the Trafalgar Group, agreed with Lake’s assessment and pointed to a recent poll he took of the 10th Congressional District that showed 41 percent of Republican voters would be more likely to support a candidate endorsed by Trump. “

For those of you who might have gone to a Georgia public school, math might be a challenge.  But that means 59% of likely voters will make up their own damn minds.  Trump or no Trump.  Trump likes to toot his own horn on what his endorsements are worth.  I am sure it will help raise donations.  But they aren’t a fait accompli.   According to a local South Carolina journalist, David Taube:

“The president praised nearly 100 federal candidates at rallies from June 20 to the day before the election, and unofficial ballot results showed favorable outcomes for most of that group. On Twitter, he also endorsed candidates, but they didn’t fare as well as the legislators he named in person.

But there’s more to that account to consider, according to experts who have examined the influence of endorsements. Other factors could have driven the results, which could include anything from the economy to the candidates themselves.”

Going back to my husband for a second (sorry) he too was once a democrat.  Ironically, he too ran for Congress in Georgia.  It was a lark, but he got a handful of friends to write in his name in the write-in candidate line.  Today, he is further right of center than I am in many ways.  The Democrat party is off the rails, not Vernon Jones.  As many Walk Away members can attest, the Party left them, and some have found a haven in MAGA country.

What I do know is that the new MAGA coalition is much broader than conservative or liberal.  I might not have known just how broad had I not decided to attend CPAC for the first-time last year.   What I saw was energizing and amazing.  Every age demographic, every race, every gender (yes, even the LGBTQLMNOP alphabet soup contingent) was representing.  MAGA is the big-tent many Gen-Xers wanted the GOP to be but the Mitch McConnel, Lindsay Graham and Chamber of Commerce contingent abhorred.  

I also know that in Georgia, having a black representative of mixed identity political persuasion could continue to dispel the raging left narrative that we are all racists.  Though I’m sure the left will paint Vernon Jones with the same brush they painted Larry Elder in California.  

So as the primary season heats up, the GOP in-fighting will continue apace.  Voters will be given an ear-full on who to vote for and why.  Voters can choose to believe the ad above from Michael Collins, or they can choose to believe in the man who spoke for Donald Trump in 2020.  

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  • JAW3 says:

    I looked up Jones’ wiki page and there was not a lot there to dirty him up, really. And why would Wiki want to like him. I think I would vote for Jones over either one of the country club dude nominal republican candidates

  • Joe R. says:

    Getting a (D), rino, or non-Conservative opinion on who to vote for is like having a Jewish television producer try to tell you, year to year, what the definitive “meaning of Christmas” is.

    In any case. We’re going to get to the bottom of what’s broken in GA.

  • MC88 says:

    The endorsement is even weaker than implied. 41% said “more likely”. That just means it’s one piece of data among many that 4 of 10 people will consider. Endorsements are worth a handful of votes. I think they work backwards. They aren’t kingmakers most of the time as much as show how good the endorsers are at picking winners and aligning their own stars with popular sentiment.

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