Trump “Hitler Pig” According To Biden Staffers

Trump “Hitler Pig” According To Biden Staffers

Trump “Hitler Pig” According To Biden Staffers

‘Jerry Ford is so dumb that he can’t fart and chew gum at the same time.’

Lyndon B. Johnson on Gerald Ford

Politics is a blood sport and everyone gets their oxen gored. However, Donald Trump as “Hitler Pig” is immature and not clever. There are several reports that staffers in the Joe Biden White House have given President Trump the appellation of “Hitler Pig”. Although it makes sense that the staff in a Biden White House would be devoid of humor and creativity. As crude as LJB was known to be, he was also intelligent and funny. And mean. And vicious.

We understand that the Obama/Biden staffers are completely loyal to Barack Obama. They are true believers in the Proglodyte Catechism and will die defending it. But, Trump “Hitler Pig” is insulting to those who lived through and died during the Holocaust. Trying to make the Holocaust a common political insult is disgusting.

Here is what the New York Post had to report:

Former President Donald Trump’s penchant for derisive nicknames has apparently rubbed off on current White House staffers, who refer to the presumptive Republican nominee as “Hitler Pig.”

The “Hitler Pig” sobriquet is used frequently to describe Trump and generally by younger, tech-savvy, aides to President Biden, according to Politico.

White House staffers and campaign aides first started using the term after Trump dined with rapper Kanye West and notorious Holocaust skeptic and white nationalist Nick Fuentes at his Mar-a-Lago estate two days before Thanksgiving in 2022, according to the outlet.
The moniker is usually deployed when the 77-year-old former president makes outrageous comments, such as when he appears to praise the murderous Nazi dictator.

I have no idea why Trump had dinner with West and Fuentes, but you cannot bring people around to your way of thinking if you don’t talk to people. The Biden folks wouldn’t know anything about talking to people or trying to persuade them. They are a bunch of mean girls, and that includes those who identify as boys. More:

Some on social media mocked the nickname.

“White House nickname for Trump is ‘Hitler Pig.’ How humorless and pathetic is that?” Marc Thiessen, former President George W. Bush’s speechwriter, wrote on X.

“‘Pig Hitler’ is funnier though,” another user chimed in.

Oh yes, it is. I just cannot stop laughing. PUH-leeze.

John Podhoretz feels the same way:

Trump first mentioned the comparison eight years ago. The loyalty pledge was a joke to goad those on the other side.

The Left has no creativity and no self-awareness:

As I said, politics is a blood sport. The list of nicknames Trump has used against his opponents has its own Wikipedia page. Beijing Biden and Basement Biden are both clever and true.

The “Hitler Pig” nickname could have been, and mostly likely was, used against every Republican President since Eisenhower. The Biden staffers like Obama before are humorless and lacking in imagination. Much like Biden and Obama.

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  • Cameron says:

    Nowadays, liberals would vote for Hitler if it meant keeping Trump out of office.

  • Lewis says:

    I have seen those tattooed numbers on arms. I cannot imagine watching, and feeling, this take place on your own body. This Hitler name calling is more than deeply disgusting, it is deeply distressing. So low and evil.

  • draigh says:

    This White House is about as mature as Clintons. Remember, those minions removed the “W” from all the keyboards? It would not surprise me if that stunt was repeated by removing all of the “D’s”, “J’s”, and “T’S”.

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