Travel tips for the not so pretty

Travel tips for the not so pretty

Travel tips for the not so pretty

Spring is a great time to travel and the US State Department has travel tips in various forms of media and print. This article describes the aftermath of a tweet from their official account.

The US Department of State issued an apology Wednesday after posting a tweet that seemed to proffer travel advice for those whose looks are less than a perfect “10.”

So only ugly people get robbed? This tweet was pulled off the site after being mercilessly mocked.  and it deserved the mockery.Cutesy and condescending and unprofessional. From the folks who sent James Taylor after the Paris massacres. Sure gives me confidence in the ability of this agency to protect citizens overseas.

A spoof Twitter account that appeared in the wake of the post offered its own warnings: “If you’re not a ’10’ in the United States consider whether travel is really going to fill the void inside you.”

The spoof account is hilarious.  So one has to as why did they do this?

The Bureau of Consular Affairs said on Twitter it had only been trying to keep Americans from becoming victims while overseas, in a series of tweets hashtagged #springbreakingbadly.

Really? A travel advisory that sounds like a middle school slam book? Really?

“We see many Americans fall victim to scams each year & want all to be careful while traveling,” the bureau tweeted.

And you did not say the above in 140 characters?

Its other posts offered sound advice with a little less lip, such as: “Beware of drink spiking and robbery scams when you’re traveling abroad.”

Well duh. I get wanting to reach out but what you say and how you say it matter guys. Cute is fine for the bar or Cards Against Humanity or a party but not on an official US State Department account. But if you need a list to find yourself, here is one from the fake Twitter account;

And this ladies and gentlemen is how Mr. John Kerry is using our tax dollars.

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  • GWB says:

    I really do get what they were trying to say. (Which is, if people are suddenly treating you differently, it’s probably to take advantage of you, not because you’re suddenly appreciated for who you really are. And that guy is not really interested in showing you any more of Rome than he has to in order to show you his bedroom.) And I would gladly offer that advice to anyone traveling – personally.

    However, the gov’t is not your buddy, your mother, nor your dorm assistant mentor. And they should not act as if they are. Sheesh.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    What else is to be expected from the regime organ headed by Mr Ugly himself?

  • KRS says:

    This is straight out of Federal Operations Security (OPSEC) training and it’s a reference to “honey pots,” wherein an attractive member of the opposite sex suddenly becomes very romantically interested in you and has to have you NOW! You acquiesce and shortly thereafter something very bad happens. OPSEC trainers (I was one once) will tell you to your face that you’re just not that good looking, so be suspicious when a “10” starts drooling over you. For individuals with National Security responsibilities, honey pots are in fact a significant threat.

    If this had been posted inside a battalion or squadron blog, personnel would have chuckled and understood it. But, as you say, doing it on an account open to everyone (most of whom have never heard of OPSEC) is inappropriate.

    This is the risk of Twitter – the format encourages people to hit send before thinking so a lot of people get caught talking stupid. This is pretty minor.

    • Gail Boer says:

      It is but this is typical of John Kerry’s staties. And i hate to wonder what else is going on with these morons……but this is rather funny in a way..

    • GWB says:

      This is the risk of Twitter – the format encourages people to hit send before thinking so a lot of people get caught talking stupid.

      And, since progressives already don’t engage their brain, this becomes a real problem with a prog administration.

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