Tim Kaine, fluent in Spanish and Establishment

Tim Kaine, fluent in Spanish and Establishment

Tim Kaine, fluent in Spanish and Establishment

Hillary Clinton has chosen Virginia Senator Tim Kaine to be her running mate. Kaine is a pro-life Catholic who is fluent in Spanish. He’s from the mid-west, but is a Harvard educated lawyer. He has three children and his wife Anne is Virginia’s Secretary of Education. His father in law, A. Linwood Holton, was a former Republican governor of Virginia.

Tim Kaine
Tim Kaine

Hillary reportedly also had on her short list for VP, Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Elizabeth Warren’s name was dangled around, perhaps as a lure for Bernie’s disenfranchised followers. Liberals have some concerns with Kaine:

Liberals say they are concerned about Mr. Kaine’s positions on global trade deals and Wall Street regulation. He has been an outspoken advocate of free trade and has defended the North American Free Trade Agreement, which many voters in Rust Belt states blame for the loss of manufacturing jobs to Mexico. He voted in support of “fast track” authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation trade pact that President Obama has championed.

Tim Kaine is a safe choice and he is expected to help Hillary to gain the male independent vote. While some reports are that the more progressive wing of the party has been ignored with this pick, Kaine seems plenty progressive. He received an F from the NRA and a 100% from Planned Parenthood, despite his personal aversion to abortion.

He made history in 2013 when he delivered the Gang of Eight speech on the Senate floor, entirely in Spanish.

Jeff Flake likes him.

He does have his detractors.


I knew Hillary wouldn’t pick Warren; she doesn’t like to share:

Kaine, like another Virginia governor, also had some problem with bribes, uh, I mean gifts:


A Donald J. Trump imposter weighs in, but does a good impression:

Clearly Tim Kaine knows a little bit about the Establishment:

Kaine has an impressive electoral record – he has never lost an election, and was an early endorser of Hillary. He was informally vetted to be Obama’s running mate in 2008. Now he’s got his chance.


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