“Thee shall not have guns” quoth CA Democratic Senator Yee

“Thee shall not have guns” quoth CA Democratic Senator Yee

There are many things that make me grateful that the state of California is in my proverbial rearview mirror, but this latest reason takes the cake! If you think that the GOP has it rough with our ongoing rivallry between the establishment, Tea Party and Libertarian leaning factions-take a look at the Democrats and be thankful-they are downright schizophrenic! Take for example California Senator Leland Yee (D), San Francisco-yeah I knew you’d be surprised- and the revelation that came to light this week about his attempt to run guns for an Isamic militant group (the Moro Islamic Liberation Front or M.I.L.F.) in the Philippines who were plotting to overthrow that county’s government in the hopes of setting up a Sharia’h ruled Islamic “homeland”. Why is that schizophrenic you ask? Well you see this is the same Senator Yee who campaigned on a platform of gun control inspired by the Sandy Hook tragedy and proposed limiting minor children’s access to violent video games. Talk about hypocrisy!

M.I.L.F. members in the Phillipines

So it seems that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) caught Yee in their investigation into the terror group via his association with multiple conspiritors, both indicted and unindicted.  Yee met with an undercover FBI agent and Keith Jackson, a successful political consultant and an indicted co-conspirator in the plot. He also happened to be a major donor to Yee’s campaign for Secretary of State, and the former President of the San Francisco Board of Education. Because after all, that is who you want leading the charge to educate your children right?

Keith Jackson, Former President of the San Francisco School Board and indicted co-conspirator

According to the affidavit the two met in the city along with the undercover FBI agent to dicsuss the structure of the gun running enterprise, who should pick up the guns and where and how to ensure that the money trail did not lead back to Yee and his co-conspiritors. The weapons would be purchased for $2 million in cash and Yee would be paid a seperate fee for facilitating communication between his co-conspirators in a New Jersey Mafia family and Dr. Wilson Lim (another indicted co-conspirator) in the States while Dr. Lim’s relatives took care of operations in the Phillippines. Yee’s involvement cannot be ignored in this enterprise because it was so intrinsic. Yee told the FBI agent that the M.I.L.F. not opposed to “kidnapping individuals, killing individuals, and extorting them for ransom”. All jokes about taxes being extortion aside-this is NOT who should be running a state!

Sen. Leland Yee (D)

The list of charges stemming from the plot against Yee is staggering, especially for a sitting U.S. Senator. The charges include six counts of “scheming to deprive citizens out of honest services” which requires the Feds to prove bribery with the use of the telephone, wire transfer or other wired device. Each of these charges carry steep fines ($250,000 per charge) and a maximum prison term of 20 years. He and Keith Jackson also face murder for hire charges related to the scheme, and charges of drug trafficking relating to a $21,000 payment Yee received from another undercover FBI agent posing as an Arizona businessman seeking to position himself as a dominant force in the Medical Marijuana market in California.

So things are really not so sunny in the city by the bay right now, and possibly for the Democrats in the midterm elections. Perhaps it is time for the voters in California to say “NO” to the Democratic brand of hypocrisy, and hopefully be followed by voters across the nation in 2016.

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