The Real War on Women

The Real War on Women

We hear a lot of talk from academia and third wave feminists about something they like to call a rape culture and war on women.  This is a place where supposedly words equate to rape.  Then there is the so called “War on Women” which was inexplicably invoked by every Democrat running for office.  The gentleman running in my congressional district against our incumbent has one of his main points be about stopping “the War on Women.”   This “War” is about women having to pay for their own contraception and wage gaps.   From where this woman sits these claims are absurd.  Wage gaps are not equal pay for equal work. They are about choices made by women.  And appropriate pay for the type of work done.

Consider this:   ISIS and Hamas in the Middle East and their systematic kidnapping rape and murder of children of both genders. These groups degrade women and children in every possible way.  For such “crimes” as attending school, for being female, being the “wrong faith” or even in the case of ISIS, being blonde, means they rape the women to eliminate the bloodline.

Now I may be missing something but isn’t this the real war on women?  And where are these warriors from Code Pink, from NOW and the Democratic Party?  To her credit Michelle Obama spoke out and tweeted about the Boko Haram captives.  But the brave NOW women?  Silent.  Not a word about the women, children (of both genders) who have been raped and murdered for not being Islamic.

And lastly where are the moderate voices of Islam? Hopefully there are some Muslims who have the courage to confront and change what truly is a rape culture.

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  • Rebecca says:

    The typical defense is that greater injustices elsewhere in the world don’t negate the need for action here. OK, perhaps, but this argument would be far more credible if something, ANYTHING serious was being done to stop the dreadful genocidal marches of ISIS and Hamas.

  • Gail Boer says:

    NOTHING is being done by government or the so called spokeswomen and that is perhaps the worst part. Thanks Rebecca!

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