The Obama Boyz Gang

The Obama Boyz Gang

The Obama Boyz Gang

How much more can we take? I mean seriously. In the age of Obama, our allies don’t trust or respect us. Our enemies don’t fear us. And now, police in St. Louis have identified that home grown street thugs are taking the name of Barack Obama for their violent gang called “The Obama Boyz”. Good grief.

According to this article, Anthony Jamal Lee, 18, fired at a group of people from the window of a Grand Prix at 2:17 p.m. A 13-year-old boy was struck in the side of his body and had to be hospitalized; a 17-year-old boy was grazed by bullets on his face and arm.

Then, this street thug, according to authorities, fired from his car at two passengers in another car, grazing one of them in the back. His charges include 10 felony counts of first-degree assault, armed criminal action and firing shots from a vehicle. He has a $100,000 cash bail.

So the question is, if Obama had a son, would he look like Anthony Jamal Lee, proud member of the Obama Boyz?

Anthony Jamal Lee Mugshot

I’m reminded though that this isn’t the first time a gang took the name of a president. If you are a Seinfeld nerd like me, you’ll remember the “Van Buren Boys“. This fictional gang was named after the eighth president, Martin Van Buren, the first man from New York to win the White House. Members in this “gang” had a secret hand signal and jumped poor “George Costanza” because he pretended to be a former member of the gang.

I’m pretty certain the Obama Boyz didn’t get their inspiration from Seinfeld.

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