The NJ Couple Homeless Man GoFundMe Story Was A Total Scam [VIDEO]

The NJ Couple Homeless Man GoFundMe Story Was A Total Scam [VIDEO]

The NJ Couple Homeless Man GoFundMe Story Was A Total Scam [VIDEO]

Remember the story about the NJ couple who started a GoFundMe campaign for a drug addicted homeless vet in New Jersey? Remember how that story went sideways a few months later when Johnny Bobbitt accused Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico of mismanaging the funds? Well folks, guess what? The entire thing was a total and complete scam.

Initially a lot of folks were sympathetic to Bobbitt after the news came out that McClure and D’Amico had cashed in on the funds for themselves.

Yeah, the entire story began to stink to high heaven.

Marta highlighted here how crowdfunding has actually given birth to multiple ways for people to scam money from kind-hearted strangers because fake illness, made-up stories, and political shenanigans. Yes, Peter Strzok and Christine Blasey Ford, I’m looking at you. 

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But now we find out that all three took advantage of the kindness of strangers.

The New Jersey couple who became famous for raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for a homeless man after he helped with their disabled car — as did the homeless man himself — will all face charges for allegedly providing a false story in order to raise money for themselves, a source familiar with the case told NBC10.

Mark D’Amico, Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbitt will face charges including conspiracy and theft by deception, according to the source.

A complaint obtained by NBC10 alleges that the three conspired with one another to make up a false story in order to raise more than $400,000.

Investigators say the three deliberately prevented donors for their GoFundMe campaign from gaining information “that would affect their judgment about solicited contribution to that fundraising effort.”

$400,000 down the drain solely because of GREED.

I’ve known others who’ve tried to scam the system by putting up crowdfunding asks for supposed health issues. Health issues that were completely bogus. I’m with Marta, I don’t do crowdfunding crap unless and ONLY if I know the people and there is an actual legitimate need.

McClure, D’Amico, and Bobbitt attempted to pull a massive scam. Yet Karma has showed up to squash these leeches like the slimy worms they are. And that’s a good thing.

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  • Dietrich says:

    I give, generously, to several legitimate, recognized charities, and my wife tithes (not the full 10%) at her church. Everyone else, not one thin dime.

  • Robin H says:

    I will never do GoFundMe, even if I know the recipient. Why would I give a portion of it to them? I’ll just give the ones that need it the money. One woman in our church had some feral cats in her yard that she wanted to get spayed. She doesn’t have a pot to piss in but would give you the shirt off her back. I handed her money for the cats. I don’t need an intermediary. The more of these stories that come out, and there have already been a few, the less people will want to use them.

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