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the messiah sexed up

the messiah sexed up

this will surely make you hurl.

“The rain pouring down, his jacket off, his white dress-shirt clinging to his body, Barack Obama played to a crowd in a state that hasn’t elected a Democrat since 1964.”

Obama in the rain

that ridiculous comment was from a report written by ABC News reporters who covered barack obama and joe biden’s rally at the university of mary washington in virginia over the weekend.

supposedly, they drew a crowd of 10,000 to 20,000 people (isn’t that a big spread?) who had been waiting hours in the mud to see them.

just before the messiah began to weep speak, the rain began to fall again. he spoke for 30 minutes using the lousy weather as a metaphor to end his speech.

“Sometimes the skies look cloudy and it’s dark. And you think the rains will never pass,” Obama preached, “The young people understand that the clouds -– these too will pass, that a brighter day will come.”

his head is going to explode any day now. geez.

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  • chi says:

    “his white dress shirt clinging to his body”…ohhh yes, i bet chris matthews is really getting a tingle up his leg now. are these people for real? i feel like i’m in a bad movie! and his speech about the rains & clouds, i’m lmao here…what a cornball!

  • Jinxy says:

    Oh for gosh sakes. Look at the picture! And that quote sounds like something from a harlequin romance! This is shameful reporting and really shows that they would actually like to screw Obama rather then call him president.

  • Kevin says:

    Well now that I have completely lost my lunch, I will say that at least he continued on with the rally.

    Give him credit for that at least.

  • Rope says:

    Oh man, and I just ate. hahahaha Jinxy exactly what I thought harlequin romance novel. Seriously is the guy for real? And ABC should stand for Another Bad Choice.

  • Justin says:

    Ok. Sounds like the ABC reporter has a boy crush on Barry. Not really a good thing when you are trying to be an objective reporter but whatever.

  • Marsha says:

    This is embarrassing. I mean REALLY embarrasing!

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